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you live in a small town, surrounded by the forest. you've never been in the city, just your little town, secluded from the rest of the world. your bff, who is also your secret crush, always hang out. you guys watch the stars on your roof, bringing an absurd amount of junk food along with blankets, candles and cushions. during the winter, you build snowmans in their front yard, throwing snowballs and shoving as much snow humanly possible down each other's pants, cackling at each other. you bring your sleds to go the hill, racing each other until your cheeks were pink and raw from the cold. you sometimes sneak out of your window to go to their house, where you would sleep over, staring at their ceiling covered in glow-in-the-dark stars. you always talk about nothing and everything during those midnight hang-out times. occasionally, you two would climb to their treehouse, watching the moon from their tree. the summertime is your favorite. mostly because your bff has a pool. during the summer thunderstorms, at night, you two would always go in the pool, watching the storm from afar, sipping on wine you stole from your parents. when it rains in late august, you and your bff mess around in your driveway, dancing and laughing until your soaked to the bone. other times, you would hike up the nearby mountain, picnicking or poking at ladybugs and rolly-pollies. soon enough, you graduate high school, getting into a fancy college in the city. you bid your parents goodbye, but telling your bff goodbye is the hard part. after many tears, strangled-laughs and promises, you climb into your little car, driving away, watching them from your rearview mirror until you couldn't see them anymore. they dissapeared above the horizon, alongside your childhood town and all your good memories. years have passed. you rarely call or text anymore. you lost them. you never told them that you liked them. you now always stay up at night, in your little flat in the city, surrounded by taxis and other skyscrapers, wondering what could have been.

Author Notes: imagine...

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16 Aug, 2020
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