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Prayer For Renewal Of Faith
Prayer For Renewal Of Faith

Prayer For Renewal Of Faith


Prayer For Renewal Of Faith

O Universal Christ,
Light of all lights, Sun of all suns,
Star of all stars.
You are the Sun above and behind
The one in the sky above us.
Together with the Great Father/Mother of all life
You are the true Lord and Lady, Master and Mistress,
Of the whole of Creation.
You have more power than any earthly ruler
Could ever hope to hold,
Even in their most daring dreams.

Please draw us and our world close to you
And renew the awareness that every one of us
Is a spark of your Light and therefore worthy
Of being called Your child.
Through this knowledge may our faith and trust grow
In the goodness of the life you have given us
And the hope for a golden future
That is in store for us and world.

Now that You are revealing yourself
As the true world teacher of the Aquarian Age,
Teach all of us intuitively how we can do our share of
Making our world into an ever
More beautiful and peaceful place,
That the only thing we have to do is bring forth,
Each from within the very core of their own being,
The Christ qualities of kindness and tolerance,
Honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity.

Light our way forwards and upwards
The evolutionary spiral of life
That in the end takes all Your children
To the top of the spiritual mountain of life into
The conscious awareness of being one with You.
May the knowledge the Angels and Masters
Around your throne, together with
Countless numbers of friends and helpers
On the lower levels of the spirit realm,
With Your permission are bringing to our world,
Help us to see more clearly who and what You truly are,
So we can love You more dearly and slowly but surely
Become ever more like You and at last
Be at one with You again.


* * *

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11 Aug, 2019
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1 min
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