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Preparing For The New Golden Age
Preparing For The New Golden Age

Preparing For The New Golden Age


The Truth : Nothing But The Truth

Amazing Grace – Part Twenty-Six

My inner guidance continues: ‘The plandemic is the biggest scam and hoax that your world has ever experienced. Yet, at the same time is serves the wise higher purpose of cleansing the spiritual ledgers of the whole of humankind and its world from outstanding karmic debts. And that’s a very necessary part of preparing them for the coming of the new golden age of plenty, when peace and harmony, honesty and truth will return to your world and these qualities will be its supreme ruler. Be of good heart, because with every passing day you are moving closer to this goal. And the more each one of you contributes to bringing it about, the more smoothly this transition will come about.

‘The behaviour of your world’s present troublemakers and scaremongers show the wise ones in charge of them on the inner level that spiritually they are young and inexperienced. Otherwise they would not dream of getting involved in something like starting and maintaining something like a plandemic. If, in spite of the continued efforts of you, their older and more experienced siblings in the great family of humankind, the Christ nature of these youngster’s refuses to wake up from its slumbering state, their energies will not be right for reincarnating on planet Earth when its spiritual transformation is complete. Because of this they will be unable to take part in the new golden age towards which you are ever more rapidly moving.

Those whose spiritual nature is insufficiently evolved will have to wait for the next golden age to come round, in about twenty-four thousand years. Spiritual age has nothing to do with the age of someone’s outer shell, i.e. the physical body which they are presently using as their vehicle for getting around on the earthly plane. Regardless of that, they are still young Gods in the making. They will be continuing the first part of their apprenticeship through experiencing themselves as physical beings in a material world, not on the Earth but a younger and less highly evolved planet, whose energies are a better match for theirs.

‘Back to the plandemic for a moment. Because it is the greatest scam that your world has ever experienced, there is no need for taking part in vaccinations. So avoid them as much as possible. Yet, at the same time do not grumble about what’s happening. Instead count your blessings and be thankful because the plandemic serves the wise higher purpose of cleansing the karmic ledgers of the whole of humankind, including yours. That’s why you have been granted the gift of another earthly lifetime. It’s the very reason why you are here.

‘It is also why your world has become so heavily over-populated. With the passing of time, the population figures will be going down again quite naturally and not because people are being wiped out by non-existent viruses. They will pass into our world because their present lifetime has served its purpose and they are allowed to go home. So do not be afraid when your turn has come. Remind yourself that you are not going to die and that you never will, because the essence of your being is spirit/soul. Like God, this part of your being is eternal and immortal and will never die. You merely move into another dimension of life.

‘When your time for doing so has come round this time, instead of resisting – the way you used to do in previous lifetimes – reach out for the loving hand of the Angel of death. Smile and know that it has come to set you free from the toils and troubles of earthly life. Ask the Angel to take your spirit/soul by the hand and move you into our world, the realm of spirit and light. That’s humankind’s true home, from which every one of you emerges at the beginning of a new earthly lifetime and returns to when it has run its course. Each time you arrive on our side of the veil that separates your two worlds from each other, you are much more alive than you ever were whilst on the earthly plane.

This is because you are once more aware of your true and eternal nature as spirit/soul who is a beloved child of the Great Father/Mother of all life. Every human being once started their evolutionary journey as a tiny spark of their only born Son/Daughter, the Universal Christ’s light. Each lifetime you take part in the earthly school of life’s lessons expands your consciousness. They help you to grow in wisdom and understanding and that’s how you grow ever more Heaven-tall. When the end of your present lifetime comes round, never mind what you are leaving behind on the earthly plane, especially with regard to the plandemic. Remind yourself that everything in that world is of a temporary nature and not meant to last forever.

‘You will be of more use to your loved ones, when you are supporting them from this side of the veil. The more you observe earthly life from here, the more you will be able to recognise that it’s been a long time since the pharma industry began to dream of creating another plandemic of previously unheard proportions. You will be able to watch how their dream of ever increasing sales of pharmacy products, one of these days is going to burst like a soap bubble that’s been blown into the air. There will then be no further filling the pockets of its already immensely rich shareholders that at the plandemic’s start were already overflowing, at the expense of the resources of the whole of humankind.

‘Another German proverb comes to mind and that is ‘Die Rechnung ohne den Wirt machen!’ All along, the companies involved have been pursuing their ‘Enterprise Plandemic’ without asking to work with the help and will of your world’s hosts. And that’s none other than God and the Angels. Your world and everything within it is their permanent property. Nothing on the earthly plane belongs to any one of you. Everything is borrowed and a gift on time from the Highest. And everybody who ever reaches a leading position, whether they are as yet aware of it or not, can only do so because their intentions are supported by the will and wishes of the Highest, for the teaching/learning of certain lessons.

‘That’s why in some of your lifetimes you find yourself in the role of teacher and in others as student. Naturally, this also applies to those who are now in leading positions and that will continue for as long as temporary leaders are still required on the earthly plane. Eventually it dawns on the least evolved ones in your midst that everything that exists on the Earth is of a temporary nature and that, naturally, this also applies to them. We shall return to this theme.

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6 Jun, 2021
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