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Pretend You Don't See Her Reviews

17 reviews have given an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 Stars
Tiffany gave a rating of 5

I can relate. I am the girl they all ignore. And it makes me so sad to know that someone else has also gone through this and felt the need to write it

-- The Huntress -- gave a rating of 4

Even though I have never experienced bullying, I could deeply relate to this as the school I am in is for rich people and I am average, so I didn't really think I would fit in. Good use of words, but there could be a few deeper vocabulary. Good job!

why_now gave a rating of 4

I really enjoyed this piece...I've been bullied for the past 9 years, being in high school doesn't make it better either. I like how I can connect to this piece but not in a good way. Your writing is truly amazing!

gave a rating of 5

it is very well written. I enjoyed reading the words that many have read before. It was easy to relate to some of these situation. It was truly beautiful. I LOVED it so very much!!! 100%!!!

Teedalead gave a rating of 5

I really loved the word choice as well as the flow of the story. It choked me up a bit at the end there. Really well done.

GONE gave a rating of 4

this is good, but hard to relate to for me. but i like it very much.


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