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By martinflemingak

One thousand years before the mankind set foot on planet Earth, a inhuman monstrous race known only as the Projectata inhabited the Earth's core. A race that some people believe are from Hell itself, created by Satan, Lucifer, the Devil. A race that can only be described as demons. Hordes and hordes of horrifying blood thirsty killing machines. Some completely indestructible. Some who consider their own flesh a delicacy.
The Projectata's history has been erased from thousands of years worth of history although they have shown up countless times in spots all over the universe. In the human world of jobs, education, movies, music, money, exotics and everyday living, things like the Projectata are considered fiction and are altered into urban legends, ghost stories and entertainment.
Some of the human race know of the Projectata. Some believe them to be horrific beings who are the servants of Satan. Others believe they are true extraterrestrials from other planets or galaxies. While others believe the race aren't from anywhere else but Earth, that they come from the inner core of the planet with only one objective; to destroy mankind and all it is worth.

"Think of the Earth as a spherical ball. Once the ball is overly used, small cracks and tears begin to appear and sometimes things on the inside of the tears can seep through to the outside. This is were the supernatural, paranormal and demonic worlds can enter. Escape their dimensions to come through to ours. Their are small windows all over this planet, even all over the universe, that are pathways from one world to the next. These are the cracks were things are able to seep through. This is where the beings and entities that science can not explain make their way here."

Professor Robert Hopkins of Oxford University.

Supposedly Earth's existence expands over thousands upon thousands of years. Many events and era's serve as major points in a neverending timeline. Examples being the Prehistoric era, the birth of death of Jesus Christ, the Egyptian era, various war's and world wars and revolutions. All over the Earth's timeline are events which try to be erased from history.

There is supposedly many, many worlds and dimensions where demons, the paranormal, extraterrestrials, reptilians and the afterlife inhabit. Some dimensions which repeatedly appear in history books but are not recorded to have successfully or attempted to cross over or 'seap through the cracks' to our world whereas other dimensions have successfully crossed the pathway to our world and mixed with the human race and no other dimension and race has been as promenant in Earth as the Projectata.

Between 800BC and 200BC

Recorded as the first ever 'crack' in the Earth. The first ever crossover of our world and another. The Projectata.
Various sources have said that the Projectata inhabited a corner of the Earth for over three hundred years. Some sources say this began in roughly 500BC before the Projectata were "pulled" back into their world but other sources this began as early as 200BC and ended in 500BC. However, all sources agree that the Projectata were "pulled" back into their world. What is in their world? And what was able to pull them back in? Was it an entity or physical presence or a withdrawal of their dimension?


Sources have labeled this "The Second Invasion". The story goes that from unknown time period, a small horde of the Projectata inhabited a small piece of land near the Arctic Ocean and were "runout" by humans who took the piece of land from them. If this is true, it would be the first and only time when the Projectata have been able to come through and had no intention to harm.


"The First Attack"
This is a tale which has been altered and heavily edited throughout the ages. Although all stories are similar, some have changed the location and created a fictional character. This fictional character first came up in a story where they had carved pictorials of the Projectata in stones. This is positively untrue.
The original tale goes as following:
"In 1107, a terrific, ugly, non-man breed of animalistic creatures travelled through a portal which came from inside the Earth. They tore apart a small village which was situated somewhere, in what is now South America. They savagely killed the entire population which was estimated to a near nine hundred and thirteen. Apparently, after slaughtering the village people, they feasted on the corpses of their own race before disappearing from the village and supposedly going back to their world."
It is unknown who wrote the above.

The three above tales are all unproven.


In an eastern region of North America, a group of travellers came across an unnamed town which they were hoping to make a life in. What they found was a massacre. The group of nineteen discovered over three hundred decapitated and disembowelled bodies and over one thousand body parts which did not belong to the already found corpses. They also found the corpses of four almost dog-like creatures and the body of something which is still undescribable. The travellers walked to the nearest village and told of the massacre they had seen.
The bodies of the five Projectata creatures were stored in five wooden crates and buried in a field over fifty miles away from both villages. It is said the village people "did not want the angels of Satan near them."
Two years later, the neighbouring village of the slaughtered recieved many more occupants. The new occupants were told of the massacre and some of the new villagers travelled to the field where the Projectata lay. They found nothing.


A ship travelling from Eastern Canada to England carrying a shipment of cotton completely vanished four days into the voyage. There was sixteen people on board the ship, known as 'Atlantis Persephone'. Not one of their bodies were found. After the ship did not arrive on its due date, a team of Canadian sailors and English travellers were ordered to search the course of the Atlantic Ocean that the ship sailed. When searching underwater, the only things they discovered were two crates of cotton and another empty crate. In the empty crate, they found a bottle of alcohol, a hat and two pages from a diary. The pages found have remained unedited throughout the years although some sentences are illedgible due to water getting through into the crate. The following is the two entries by a man known as Rustin Weaver:

Entry One.

July 25th 1723

I tried to speak with the Captain today about the leaks in the galley which was soaking up some of the cotton. I told him "If we don't get all that cotton to that Harold Parr guy in London, he could have our jobs." He looked at me and said "Son, thats the least of our problems." I don't know what he was talking about but he was sweating and couldn't stop shaking. He repeatedly glances around as if he was looking or waiting for something. If somethin's got the Cap'n worried, then something is very wrong.

July 27th 1723

I am going to die. I always wanted my last day to be spent in Canada. Yesterday, the ship stopped abruptly and when I went to see the Captain, I found him dead with his head in another cabin. There was this thing standing next to him. It was so ugly. It wasn't human. One of the cooks jumped overboard and something swallowed him whole. I know I won't make it so if anyone ever finds these pages. I love you Diane and I'm so sorry. I kn....

One month after searching the ocean, another ship travelling from Greenland to Iceland found a body in the water. The body was now a skeleton but the skeleton was non-humane. When the ship arrived in Iceland, it is said that someone took the body away from the sailors to an undisclosed location.


In November of 1876 in an unnamed town of Maryland, an incident which has been called "a ritualistic massacre" occurred. A young doctor in the town by the name of John Wilkins kept a diary all his life. This diary told the entire story and described the macabre events which took place that November. However, it is said that only a handful of people have read it and its whereabouts are currently unknown. Along with this diary were pictures of the Projectata. These pictures showed over seven different breeds of demon. Another discovery was a large black skeleton with red spots all over. The skeleton was maintained in the cellar of a scientist from another state who supposedly owned the skeleton after being allowed to perform experiments on it to determine what species it was. The scientist was a Dr Henry West.
After not attending his work for four days, the local Sheriff and fellow scientist and friend went to check in on him. When they entered his home, they discovered various pentagrams and satanic symbols painted with blood all around his home. They also found a hundreds of pages from an ancient book all over the floor. The language of the book was identified to be Sumerian. They searched the house from top to bottom but the skeleton and Dr Henry West had vanished.

How much of these stories are true? Will the Projectata ever find another 'crack'? Only time will tell. Do not be a skeptic. 'Cracks' appear all over our planet. It is only a matter of time until more worlds cross path with ours.

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