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Putting Our World Right
Putting Our World Right

Putting Our World Right


Putting Our World Right

There once was a very lively and intelligent little girl who showed an astonishingly early talent for geography. Could she have been a geographer in a previous lifetime? Who knows? One fine day, to keep her busy for an hour or two, her mother made her a jigsaw puzzle from a map of the world. To the mother’s surprise, after no more than a quarter of an hour the daughter presented her with the assembled map. The mother could hardly believe her eyes, so she asked the little girl: ‘How could you put the puzzle together so quickly? I don’t think I could have done that.’

‘Well, Mummy,’ replied the girl, ‘when you were cutting the map of the world into pieces I noticed that it had a picture of a little girl, just like me, on the other side. When I put all pieces of the girl together, the picture of the whole world came right. It was that simple.’

When someone succeeds in putting the pieces of the puzzle of their own life together, their perception of the world and their place in it changes. Everything begins to make sense and the complete picture of what life truly is about begins to reveal itself in all its beauty and splendour. We then slowly but surely become aware that our planet is a pleasant and agreeable, beautiful and wholesome place, after all.

As our comprehension of God’s nature and our own steadily grows, our consciousness expands and we start to see the whole picture. It then comes ever clearer in our minds that the many nasty things that to this day are happening in our world are necessary, because they represent vital lessons for us and our whole race, the settling of some people-s karmic debts, and the balancing of spiritual accounts.

This brings us the realisation that our world is a good place, after all and that we and everything else in it have always rested safely in the loving hands of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. It is then no longer difficult to grasp that our world and everything that is in it, including us, was indeed created by the ideas of the Great Father’s mind and brought into being through His will and power and the wisdom and love of the Great Mother. Isn’t it wonderful that none of the many misinterpretations the Divine wisdom had to endure in bygone ages could change one iota of its truth?

To sum things up, what applies for putting the fragments of the girls’ pictures together is valid for any one of us. As soon as we take possession of all aspects of our nature, so they can join forces and begin to work together, the spiritual background of life becomes visible. To our astonishment we then find that the picture of our world comes right and regardless of how much we may in the past have griped and groaned about the state of our world. Our perception corrects itself and we recognise that there is and never was anything wrong with Earth life and our planet’s most troublesome inhabitants, humankind. There no longer is any reason for doubting that all along we and our world have been resting safely in our Creator’s loving hands, cared for, guided and protected by the will of the Great Father and the wisdom and love of the Great Mother.

Ari Ziskind wrote: ‘Anyone who thinks they can solve the worlds problems is a fool.’ How right he was, for when it comes to putting our world in order there is nothing for it but turning to ourselves. The only way we can alter our world is through changing ourselves or rather our understanding of it. When this has happened, our picture comes right on its own. And because of our oneness on the inner level of life, what is done for one affects us all. The corollary of this is that when we change ourselves, our whole race and our world does the same.

In case you are now wondering why there is still so much ugliness in our world, I would say to you: ‘Try to imagine the frustration of the Great artist, our Creator, if the work was ever going to be finished because it had reached perfection. There would be nothing for Him/Her to do any more and that is unthinkable, as any creative artist is sure to confirm. The wonder and magic of all evolution, as well as its original purpose, is that everything will always continue to grow, develop and move forwards, and that includes us and our world.’

Carrying the world on our shoulders was never meant to be humankind’s work but belongs to the one who created us and our world. Putting our inner house in order is all that is required from us. Once this has happened and the picture of our world has righted itself in our perception, we can see for ourselves that our Creator is fulfilling the job in hand exceedingly well. With the greatest of care and patience, wisdom and love all things come together at the right moment.

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25 Jul, 2018
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