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quarantine depression
quarantine depression

quarantine depression

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The world's crumbling to pieces
Waiting around for diseases
But I feel "fine"
As the rest of us go asinine

Standing six feet apart
Or we might go to the graveyard
We can't get any close
So I die off like ashes getting colder

I have things to do
But lately I've been feeling so blue
And I've done nothing
Even though I've been trying

I can't find the reason
Behind my quarantine depression
Alone I've fighting off my demons
And been scared of infections

I want to travel, go to places,
But my heavy heart never eases.
The quarantine cost my freedom
Stepping outside like a heathen

I've been staring at the wall for hours with no end
Can time bend?
What is this crazy dimension
Where I can't even look at my own reflection?

What a lovely quarantine depression
Going in the wrong direction
I guess I forgot to care
Why do anything anymore?

A feather could knock me over
I wish I could go back to October
When I could go outside
Instead of staying by my bedside

This quarantine is kinda funny
The meaningless days I don't know how many
If I could go back in time
And rewrite every line

But for now I'll stay here
And try to make everything disappear
And pretend people aren't dying
As I'm quarantine dreaming.

Author Notes: stay safe guys, wash your hands.

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11 Apr, 2020
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