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All the things I've done in the past
come back, with painful memories.
I wouldn't do them now or ever, but was brainwashed.
The idols of corrupt politics and religion
haunt the world and take it unsuspected.

One man, that is I, shook the foundation
made the world come back revolting true.
Bringing the earth home from visionaries
of something that will never be in life existance
for society ordinares are drugged by false promises.

Took the route to have all leader bloods
run and spill out to show who they really are.
Making humanity see that we are the powerful
and that one single person can't dictate a good life
for they are abusive with power, fame, rich and glory.

I couldn't do it, but I did anyways from an injection.
Pulled the trigger without thought,
let no emotions come take my face
and did what was told of me to do
for the man made it sound helpful and needed.

He, the man, said that I will be a savior,
a savior far better than The Lord Jesus Christ.
The man said I would perform worldy miracles
that take civilization into a better light
and holy and economical wars would end because of me.

But it didn't.

I now sit in a hospital with machines and wires
that keep me alive and make me who I am.
But that is not me.
I am a different person, a new-born character.
No past, no future, no nothing that I am now.

Here I am, on the hospital bed laying in the dark
wondering who I am,
questioning who I am,
thinking who I am....

The story of who I was comes back,

Author Notes: Inspired from "I Remember Now", the intro to the most important Heavy Metal concept album and in my opinion, the most important in all music, "Operation: Mindcrime" by Queensryche. Please rank and comment. Much Love. Keep on Rockin'!

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22 May, 2020
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