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Reaping the Whirlwind
Reaping the Whirlwind

Reaping the Whirlwind


Reaping The Whirlwind

May the orgies of destruction during World War II of places like Berlin, Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden – in particular on February 13 and 15, 1945 – serve as a reminder of how Germany, because it sowed the wind of war, could not escape the consequences of its actions. Universal justice worked through the Allies and ensured that we, the civilian population, had to reap the bitter harvest of what our politicians had sown. The historian Frederick Taylor wrote about the destruction of Dresden: ‘It has an epically tragic quality to it. Dresden was a wonderfully beautiful city and a symbol of baroque humanism and all that was best in Germany. It also contained all the worst from Germany during the Nazi period. In that sense it is an absolutely exemplary tragedy for the horrors of twentieth century warfare. . . .’

Let this be a warning to those who to this day are walking on the warpath. We need to consider that with any event on the Earth plane there is always more than can be seen by our earthly eyes. The world around us is a reflection and an outer manifestation of the inner realities of life. No matter what happens in the world around us, we do well to remind ourselves that manmade and natural disasters alike are part of the Universal justice of the law of Karma. How can we as individuals counteract this and do our share of restoring the balance of our world?’ A great deal could be achieved if those who are reading this in their prayers and meditations ask for the radiance of the Goddess’s wisdom to flow from the Highest Star into the hearts and souls of the political, business and spiritual leaders of our world, to help them with their awakening.

Every war our world has ever seen has been proof of the fact that one fire cannot be extinguished by another. All this can achieve is creating more of the same. Humankind’s long history of warfare is a clear demonstration of how the Universal laws saw to it that the destructive forces of war always did indeed return to us and our world. They did this with a force that time and again had multiplied. The destructiveness and callousness of the two World Wars bear witness of this. During the review of this chapter, at the beginning of September 2013, the warmongers in our midst are again flexing the muscles of their ever more sophisticated war machinery, rearing to have yet another go.

Have we, as a race, not learnt anything from the mistakes of the past? Are the people in charge blind to the spiritual background of our earthly existence and the Universal laws that govern all life in the whole of Creation? Or are they merely pretending not to know that we are responsible for every one of our thoughts, words and actions, sticking their heads into the sand in ostrich fashion? Independent of whether their intentions are good or evil, every action causes a reaction, and every bit of what anyone sends out into our world can do nothing but return to its sender and that with constantly increasing strength. Love is the law of life and pretending blindness is an even greater transgression against this law than mere ignorance.

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13 Nov, 2018
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