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Reclaimed Memories

Reclaimed Memories

By kolulu - 6 Reviews

All of my family was laying on the cold, hard, wooden, floor one on top of the other,lifeless. Blood stains on the sofa and splattered on the T.V. My brother was still gushing out blood. I was the only one of my family who was left. I just didn't understand how. I wanted to know who killed my family. I walked around the house and entered my sister's room. I looked around for evidence and saw a teddy bear with a little pink bow around it's neck. The teddy bear head was almost ripped off and the fluff was coming out. I grabbed the teddy bear with my hands and when I touched it, a memory came back to me.

I gave my sister this teddy bear for her birthday. I went through a lot of hassle trying to get it for her because it was a limited edition. I gave her the bear on Sunday. I thought she would be happy that her little brother went all out the way to give her this present but, instead she threw it back in my face saying that it wasn't the one she wanted. I cried the whole day but, I really wanted my sister to have the bear so in the middle of the night I peeped in the door to make sure she was asleep and put it on her desk. She must not have liked it though because you could barely tell it was a bear afterwards.

Pain shot to my head, I was having another headache. I ran to find the pain medicine. The last person who had the medicine was my brother. I went into my brother's room. It was filthy as usual. The pills were in the bathroom. As I walked in, my head was throbbing and I felt as if I was going to throw up. I put my head over the toilet. Regurgitating everything I ate, I stood up and looked down. Suddenly a flash back of him putting my head in the toilet and pulling the lever so more water could get in face came to mind. The headache started up again and I needed those pills. The pills weren't in his room so the only place they could be was in my parent's room. I walked into their room. The room was clean and I couldn't find the pills. I looked on the dresser and accidentally bumped into it with my body. A thin, long, metal pole fell out. Seeing it brought me back a memory when my parents beat me with that metal pole. My parents adopted me when I was little. They had favoritism towards my older brother and sister. My parents believed everything they told them. They lied to them about me, telling them things like I stole their money. I cried telling my parents that I didn't do it but, they would listen. Looking into their eyes, they could see that they knew I was telling the truth but, they just wanted a reason to beat me.

I ran back to where I was standing by the dead bodies. I saw a bloody knife on the ground. This knife took me back about thirty minutes when I walked into the kitchen a pulled it out the drawer. I saw my father, mother, brother, and sister sitting on the couch together, enjoying their life with out me. Bundle up with emotion, I thought to myself this is the last straw. Taking the knife I slashed each one of their necks until each one fell down lifeless. Then dragged them together and piled them on top of another.

"I know who the murder is now and I know the motivation of the killer." I proclaimed to myself.

I looked down and saw the blood stains I had all over my clothes. I went to the mirror and saw blood smeared on my face. I grabbed the door knob and exited the house. The headache that I had cleared up and I didn't need the pain pills anymore.

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11 Jun, 2016
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3 mins
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