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Reflections on the Future of Our World
Reflections on the Future of Our World

Reflections on the Future of Our World


Reflections On The Future Of Our World

Healing The Earth

Can you imagine what it would be like
If the Earth’s circumference was only about a mile
And it floated just above the ground?
Come with me and see what happens:

Visitors are arriving from far and wide.
They’re walking around on the Earth,
Marvelling at its big and small pools of water,
And the water that flows between them.
Admiring her mountains and valleys,
They’re wondering at what kind
Of wisdom it was that thought of surrounding
The globe with a thin layer of gas,
In which water is suspended
To sustain all its lifeforms.

The guests are watching the
Great and wondrous diversity of Earth’s living things.
Not merely the upright walking human beings,
But also its animal and plant life.
Some of the creatures are walking about
On the surface of the globe and others live inside it,
And more of them still exist in its waters.
Marvelling at all these things,
They can see that the globe
Is a unique and precious jewel.
Their scientists looked into it
And could not find another one quite like it
Anywhere in the whole of God’s Creation.
Realising this, they cherish the Earth
And all the visitors that come
Wish to do their best to protect the globe,
To make sure it doesn’t get hurt or damaged by anyone.

Realising what kind of a wonder and a miracle the Earth is,
People wish to get to know it and its spiritual background better.
That’s when they discover to their astonishment that
The globe’s beauty is a reflection and outer manifestation
Of their own inner roundedness and exquisiteness,
Which many of them to this day have yet to discover.
Wise ones, however, know that such a superb work of art
Can only have been created by the Divine heart and hands
Of the Great Architect and Designer of all life,
The White Spirit, who is also their own Father/Mother.
Bending their knees in awe and admiration,
Brings healing and peace to every aspect of their being,
Mind and body, spirit and soul.

Through what they are seeing,
And finding out that their lives,
Their own wellbeing and wholeness,
Depends on that of the planet.
Ever more visitors love and respect the Earth,
And are ready to defend it,
If need be with their whole being.

Can you now see how wise people would become,
If the Earth’s circumference was only a mile?
Well, why can’t more of us, like them
Wake up from their spiritual slumbers,
Before it’s too late?
So that the first signs can appear
That humankind’s age-old
Dreams, visions and highest aspirations
Of a world that is at peace
At last find fulfilment.

The Earth is now being transformed
Into a planet of light, peace and healing.
Rapidly we are approaching the time
When only those who know how to
Live and work in peace and harmony
With each other and all lifeforms that share
Our precious jewel, the Earth, with us
Will be allowed to reincarnate here.

All of us will then know that everything we see around us
Is part of us and merely
An outer manifestation of our own inner world.
How much are you doing to make this
Dream into a reality on the Earth?

* * *

The State Of Our World

Every second, minute and hour of each day of our lifetimes on the Earth plane is irrevocable and can never be brought back. Each time we make a mistake we learn something from it and do better the next time round. This does not alter with the death of our physical bodies. In the world of light, just the same as in earthly life, we can revise what we have been doing, where we went wrong and changes in our thinking and behaviour patterns are advisable.

For a long as we believe that Earth life is a one-off thing, we shall think of and fear physical death as something irrevocable and irreversible. This changes dramatically when we discover that in truth we are eternal beings who will never die, and that life continues whenever our physical body, the vehicle for one lifetime only, has been returned to Mother Earth. What a surprise awaits us in the early stages of our development when once more we have returned to the world of light, our true home, only to find out that any outstanding issues and dysfunctional relationships we thought had been left behind have not done anything of the kind.

During all coming lifetimes – however many it may take – we are going to be offered opportunities for resolving all issues and healing each one of our relationships. Being aware of our true nature, naturally we wish to make as much progress as possible on the evolutionary journey of life. That’s why we freely and willingly pick up the threads we left dangling and apply for another lifetime so we can get to work on them.

I do believe that we are all accountable for our own development as well as that of our world. In my view, there is no need to despair over its present state, because in the long course of the evolutionary pathway of our race over millions of lifetimes, all of us many times over have taken part in making it this way. That’s why it seems only fair to me that it is everyone’s duty to do their share of putting things right and making our world a better, safer and more beautiful place for everything that shares it with us.

Regardless of that, neither you nor I are our brother/sister’s keeper – they too are responsible for themselves. But, we are all in this life together to help each other carry the burden of the cross of earthly life. To enable us to make the evolutionary progress that is potentially possible in every lifetime, it is helpful to bear in mind that because of our oneness on the inner level of life, every one of our thoughts, words and actions count and we all influence each other in negative as well as positive ways.

As sparks of the Divine, we are God’s children of the Earth and each one of us is a young God in the making. All the characteristics and powers that are in our Creator are also in us. And until we become aware that thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation, each one of us is potentially a very dangerous being on the loose in our present existence – even the meekest and mildest ones. The sooner we wake up to our true nature and accept our responsibility for our own wellbeing and that of our whole world, the better.

And because we are all here together to rally round each other in times of need, as best we know how to, that’s the reason for writing this and why I am saying to you now: ‘Don’t give up – go for it! Walk that wondrous journey of discovery of the self that takes you back into the true nature of your being and helps you to find the healing that is the birthright of every one of us. The only thing you have to do is reach out for the loving hands of God and the Angels. They are waiting to be called upon by you and want you to know that you are loved beyond compare. It does not matter to them what you did in the past or what you may presently be thinking, saying or doing, you will always be loved this way. For one thing, I love you – that is why this is now before you.’

God bless you and may the Angels keep you safe, now and forever.

With love and light,

* * *

God’s Powers Are In Us

Because every one of us is a spark of the Divine, the characteristics and powers that are in God are also in us, including the powers of creation and destruction. As above, so below. For all of us this is of much greater importance than many of us are as yet aware of. We do well to remind ourselves frequently that our thoughts create our reality, that in fact today’s thoughts bring to us tomorrow’s reality. We are responsible for the present state of our world and everything that is happening. All of us together created it through the irresponsible thinking and behaviour patterns of past lifetimes that resulted in raping, plundering and exploiting for selfish material gains Mother Earth’s precious resources, which are intended to provide for all her children in equal measure.

Wise ones appreciate that none of this means that you and I generated our world’s latest disasters with the thoughts of this lifetime. They know that every mishap that befalls our planet was brought about by the negative and destructive thinking and behaviour patterns of billions of human souls in billions of past lifetimes. Every one of us has to experience the same things. This in the first place takes us down to life’s lowest levels and from there, in the course of many lifetimes, eventually each one of us moves up to continue our studies on the highest planes.

Spiritually, darkness is ignorance and not knowing, and light is knowing. Hence the term enlightenment. Over the past thirty years or so, by working my way through layer upon layer of my inner darkness in a slow and painful process, it has transmuted itself into the wisdom and understanding that now fills my conscious awareness and is constantly increasing. This light is what I have been sharing with you, my readers, on an ongoing basis for all those years. I think of each one of you as my friend and as an important part of my spiritual family, and I thank you all and bless you for your support.

Please allow me to draw your attention once more to the fact that my writings express my beliefs and my reality and truth. Naturally, I can only speak for myself and you alone can decide what yours are. Whether you are as yet aware of this or not, you are responsible, not only for yourself but also for the state of our world. What kind of future conditions do you wish to create for us and our planet? With the help of your inner guidance you are the only one who can decide whether my truth could also be yours. As it is the only authority in the whole of Creation that will never mislead you or let you down in any way, knock at its door and ask. Whilst listening to or reading anything, it pays to listen to our inner world. You have found truth when a feeling rises from there that says: ‘This makes sense. It is right.’

From the evolutionary point I have reached by now, I can see that there is nothing wrong with us and our world. God designed us to be exactly the way we are. We are not some kind of messy random appearance or cosmic joke. We have been carefully placed in this life so that we may learn to love, appreciate and accept ourselves, just the way we are, because that is the way our Father/Mother loves us and wants us to be. The seed of perfection is within each one of us. As Cicero, 106-43 BC, wrote: ‘Human beings were created to contemplate and reflect the Universe. They are not themselves this great perfection, but they are particles of this perfection.’ To help us bring forth this perfection from within, all that is required from us is that we should act in kind and loving ways and give of our best in all situations. Through this constant striving the Christ spirit shines ever more strongly from the very core of our being into the outer self, until it finally has taken over our whole being and we have become a Christed one in our own right.

To my mind, nothing in our world makes any sense until one begins to perceive the greater picture. When one does, everything starts to fall into place. As mentioned earlier, the creative as well as the destructive powers of God are also in us. The entire point of our earthly education is to show us how these forces work out and manifest themselves in the realities of a physical environment, like the Earth. Our planet is a training ground, no more and no less, where in the course a many lifetimes each one of us must learn how to handle the powers within them safely and in a masterly fashion. Through our behaviour in thoughts, words and actions we have to prove that we have achieved this goal, before it is safe to let us loose on handling the affairs of the Cosmos.

Everything evil in our world has always been a demonstration to what depths the human evolutionary pathway can and indeed has to descend – and that for all of us, without exception – at some stage of our development. The evil that is with us at present shows us how things turn out when they are handled in opposition to the first law of life, which is love and everything that is good, right and beautiful. Wise ones are willing to learn from watching the evil they see round them. Accepting that they too have the same darkness within helps them to consciously decide that they never, ever shall want to be dragged down to such depths of experience. By bringing forth the highest and the best within them and using it to alleviate the ignorance and suffering of their world, step by step they are climbing the evolutionary ladder of life that is sure to lead them up to the Highest.

Such wise ones refuse to sit in judgement of those who are still involved in the lesson of exploring the lowest aspects of their nature. They thank their lucky Star, their Highest Self, that they have dealt with that part of their education and are already on the ascending evolutionary spiral of life, whose trail eventually leads all of us back into the conscious awareness of our true nature and relationship with God. They feel safe in the knowledge that a vast sphere of life interpenetrates humankind’s earthly existence and that in this world there are kind and loving beings, the Angels and Master, spiritual guides and helpers. They are God’s messengers, who are guiding and protecting humankind. All of them are working together to help us and our world move ever onwards and upwards in God’s great evolutionary plan for all life and lifeforms.

Wise ones thank the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, for providing this invisible life force, which is at work behind all physical manifestations of life, from its lowest aspects upwards to its highest. It is constantly beavering behind the scenes of Earth’s visible life and is doing the same on all other planets. Splendid isolation exists nowhere in the whole of Creation, and there is no separation between any form of life. On the inner level of life everything is blended together in one harmonious whole. To ensure the outworking of the great plan, God’s power, wisdom and love are at work behind everything that ever seemed to be wrong, evil and destructive in our world. It always has been and forever will be the guiding and protecting force that links together all forms of life.

This is the power that in the end makes all crooked corners straight and brings something good out of every last bit of apparent evil. It heals all our wounds in mind, body, spirit and soul, and uplifts and transmutes hatred into love, fears and anxieties into total faith and trust, and sorrow and sadness into joy and laughter. And we give thanks and praise for it to You, Great Spirit, and all Your helpers.

* * *

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

Present Events On The Earthly Plane

Many of you are by now aware that thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that all of you together are responsible for the present sad state of your world. Through the thinking and behaviour patterns you developed in the course of many lifetimes, each one of you for a long time has been doing their share of making it that way. But those who are reading these words may have reached the major turning point of their spiritual development, for which they have been waiting for a long, long time. I am laying the tools into your own hands to make this lifetime into one that is different from every one you experienced before.

If you so wish, your present lifetime can be filled with countless opportunities for paying the spiritual debts you once incurred with the people around you as well as your whole world. Everyone is offered the chance to make good where, without exception, you once sinned profusely. Although this too was part of My great plan of life and therefore with My permission, as the Book of Genesis of the Abrahamic religions prove, this kind of behaviour is not meant to continue indefinitely.

The time will come on the Earth when even the last one of you has risen from their spiritual slumber, matured into spiritual adulthood and now freely and willingly wishes to do their best to put things right and treat Mother Earth, as your host for a time, with the respect and love she so richly deserves. You will then be treading the path of the mysteries and to enable you to do this successfully, you need to take good care of yourself and your surroundings. In all your endeavours seek to create peace and harmony and aim to be precise and particular in your thinking, for this is the foundation on which all spirit life is built. Each one of you has to learn the wise use of the power of My healing magic, the white magic of life, in their thoughts. As aspiring healer and lightbringer you are tapping into and working with it. All of you possess psychic gifts, at least in seedform. Their development is a preliminary to the opening of the gifts of My Christ power, which is waiting to come alive in ever more of you.

To this day many things that on the surface of life appear terrible still have to take place in your world. They are a necessary part of the clearing out process of some of humankind’s most ancient individual and collective Karmic debts that have been waiting for a long time to be redeemed. Everything that is presently happening is an essential part of the breaking down of the old order. This brings with it a purifying and cleansing of your race’s earthly mind, which is accompanied by an opening of your heart centres. In these days of ever speeding up pace of scientific and technological progress it is of great importance to take care that your earthly mind does not become so powerful that it takes over, as this usually brings with it the closing down of the heart centre.

The wise ones who are working behind the scenes on the higher and highest levels of life on your behalf are aware of this. They are doing their best to inspire each one of you to open their heart, because all human hearts are part of the Universe’s great heart of love and compassion. The more widely you open yours, the better the Angels and Masters can use you as a channel through which the blessing and healing power of the Divine love can flow into your world. This is how the seed of the Christ spirit comes alive in you and is born, and that is the only true salvation of humankind. The awakening of the individual Christ spirit in ever more of you is the true and only saviour and redeemer of your whole race and your world.

Therefore, go forth with thankfulness in your heart for the spiritual knowledge that is now coming to your world and flowing into all of you. As prophesied by the Jesus legend, greater miracles than the ones described in this tale you shall see and they will come about through each and every one of you. To fulfil your Karmic obligations, it may be that some more suffering has to be endured by you and your world before this can happen. But in due course all of you will be able to see the evidence of My Divine will and power, love and wisdom at work everywhere in earthly life.

There is no need to shy away from any of these things, as whatever you used to think of as being in the Heavens above and therefore infinitely removed from you, is actually also in you. It takes a long time before your small earthly self finds out that each one of you in truth has a strong affinity with all planes and levels of life, from the lowest up to the highest. On the physical and mental, etheric and spiritual level identical life atoms are as much present in you as they are in spheres far away from the Earth. And within each one of you there is a connection with the energies and influences of the planets, not only of your solar system but throughout the whole of Creation.

Many highly evolved souls choose another lifetime in physicality not for the purpose of seeking pleasure, but for the sake of helping humankind in some way. This does not necessarily mean endlessly attending meetings and workshops or ostentatiously doing good works. It may well be that the very presence of you brings joy and comfort to the lives of those around you, for example the family you were born into and the one in which you act as a parent. In that case scattering your energies and forces will be neither good for you nor anyone else.

Whatever your present occupation may be, your best work is done when you are true to your real nature as a son/daughter of God and provide, comfort and love, warmth and light for all the flowers that bloom in the garden of your life, wherever you may find yourself. After all, you are a spark of the Divine, of Me, a chip off the old block, as you might say. From love you have come and to love you are returning. The Jesus legend provided your world with many demonstrations of what can be achieved with the help of the power and glory of My love, the Christ love, which throughout the whole of My Creation produces light in all its manifestations.

I am the Solar Logos and when the Christ-consciousness within you is stimulated, you begin to understand the nature of light and how to receive and respond to My emanations. This does not require being particularly intellectual or clever from any one of you. If anything, an over-developed earthly mind may keep the door of your superconscious faculties firmly closed, making it impossible to come to comprehend the higher and highest aspects of life.

It is for this reason that many of your scientists are struggling with the concept of the existence of spiritual realms of much higher vibrations than those of earthly life. They fail to understand that these areas are of much greater importance than anything on the Earth plane, because without them there would be no life on your planet or elsewhere. As long as the door to the superconscious faculties of these people remains closed, they will find it impossible to perceive anything that lies beyond the end of their noses. Whenever you encounter souls who are still in this state of their development, the only thing you can sensible do is to love them form your heart the way they are, the way you love and respect the whole of humankind.

Be as tolerant and compassionate, kind and loving as you can in all your encounters and especially with your younger and less experienced siblings in the great family of humankind. Be careful not to create obstacles in your minds where in truth there are none, because your imagination is a powerful tool. And if you think of the young souls around you the way they one day really will be, you are helping them to bring this state about. Your imagination is part of Mine. In both of us it is the source of the creative process. I hold the whole of My Creation in My mind, where each one of you exists as a minute creature that has something of Me in it and who contains the power of growing, evolving and constantly increasing in consciousness. I am spirit, masculine, and soul, feminine, and each one of you, My beloved children of the Earth, is a spark that contains one of My seeds. This seed atom of you contains the whole Universe.

And when you have spiritually matured sufficiently you not only wish that your friends and family but the whole of humankind and your world should find genuine and lasting health and happiness. This can and will come regardless of what may still have to happen on the physical plane of life. Never forget that every one of you is a spirit and soul who possesses every one of My characteristics and powers. Among them are psychic powers many are presently in the process of developing. Under the guidance and protection of the Angels and Me these gifts will eventually enable all of you to travel their pathway through life with the complete inner peace of knowing that at all times you are doing the right things. This applies not only on the Earth plane but wherever else your future explorations may take you in the whole of My Creation.

Before this can happen, with the passing of time your whole earthly personality complete with its physical body and mind, spirit and soul needs to develop into a pure white temple of kindness and goodness. Only then can the light of My Spirit fill your whole being and shine through you into those around you and your world. For any of you, My beloved children of the Earth, as a spark of the Divine there is nothing too high or too great for you to achieve. This I am telling you to comfort and heal you of all pain and weariness the earthly condition inevitably brings with it.

The knowledge of these things raises your spirit into the consciousness of the infinite and eternal world of spirit, your true home in which you constantly have your being, in spite of the fact that for a long time your earthly self is unaware of it. Through countless aeons you will continue to have your existence in this world, for – as you know by now – in truth there really is no death, only eternal life. Rediscovering this is the birthright of every one of you. It is My gift with which I am blessing the whole of humankind.

At the end of your earthly education you are going to learn how to use physical matter instead of allowing it to dominate you. Before this process can begin you need to become aware that even though every so often you are playing the role of an earthling, you have never stopped being a spark of the Divine, of My light. Each new lifetime on the Earth that is granted to you serves the purpose of taking you closer to discovering your inner light, so that it may commence shining in the darkness of your present existence. You are then doing your share of transmuting your own and your planet’s heavy atoms of matter into the light and vibrant ones of the spirit.

Each one of you was created to fulfil one specific task in the transformation of Mother Earth into a planet of healing and peace. And every soul has its own pathway to walk, role to play, work to do and truth to find. In your search for truth, forget about finding it in history books, for they were written to promote the glory of the winners and are therefore filled with untruths. Look into your own heart instead and learn to listen to Me, the small still voice of your conscience. Bear in mind that your own work can only be done by you and that your neighbour’s job is not yours, and that all pathways are equally valuable and good. Every one is in keeping with the evolutionary level a soul has reached at any given moment and the Karma it has brought with it. Everything has always been part of the great evolutionary plan for all life and the design for humankind’s spiritual development is an integral part it.

The following is the essence of a White Eagle teaching in ‘Festivals & Celebrations’: ‘You are actively creating vibrations of peace whenever you aspire towards God. The Divine light within you expands and grows through thinking good and positive thoughts only and sending all your hopes, dreams and aspirations up to the highest realms of life. This is how you slowly but surely evolve into a vortex of spiritual light and power, who eventually will be capable of consciously and subconsciously commanding everything that is good. Your life then takes on a new aspect. You feel a quiet harmony within as your confidence in God grows. True faith in God means trusting that all things are working together for good, not only in your life but for the whole of your world.

‘The cycles of life will never cease to move forwards and upwards in a spiral. In spite of patches of darkness, known to humankind as evil, you and your world have always been progressing. And now God’s heavenly light is penetrating ever more deeply into people’s minds and their hearts are opening. One by one they are reaching out for love and compassion, goodwill and righteousness.’

* * *

A Vision To Hold At This Time

The following is the essence of two White Eagle teachings. The first one appeared in ‘Stella Polaris’ August/September 2005: ‘We, your guides in the spirit world, are seeing a glorious future for humankind, when injustices have been righted and all those present have learned the conduct your lives in keeping with God’s laws and the way of wisdom. We perceive a natural and beautiful coming together of all nations who are united and at one as one family. The time is coming when your race has understood its responsibilities towards all life and especially the animal kingdom. An expansion of consciousness lies ahead when all of you will be capable of looking beyond the ends of their noses and even the astral planes to the celestial world where the Universal Christ with His/Her Angels and all other companies of the Highest are dwelling.

‘All those who to this day insist on holding other nations and their people in subjection will gradually be withdrawn from earthly life and there will be an end to dominion, empire building, persecution and warmongering. Everybody will be occupying their rightful place in the country that once was created for them by their own group spirit and soul. Although each country has its own, in the process of evolution all of them will gradually merge into one great nation and that is your whole world. There is going to be a growing sense of partnership between the countries in which every one respects the culture of their neighbours whilst continuing to enjoy its own.

‘This new world is ready and waiting for you beyond the veil that to this day separates your world from ours. Do not doubt and do not fear. Instead live consciously in the company of the shining ones, the Angels and Masters, your friends and helpers of the spirit. Do not be misled by commonsense and reason of your earthly minds. They were given to you for good purpose and wise reason and have their place because they provide you with the balance you need between the earthly plane and the highest realities of life. Do not be blindfolded by the reactions of your earthly mind. On the wings of the spiritual knowledge that we are bringing you rise above and look beyond the realities of Earth life to that which is truly important, namely that which lies behind it with its eternally true values. God bless each one of you with Its vision and truth.’

From Stella Polaris Feb/March 2008 ‘Transmutation’: ‘When humankind fully recognises its birthright, there will no longer be any wars and no-one will be subject to disease and poverty. Even death will be overcome when the Christ Spirit, the living God within, has achieved mastery over all atoms of your physical body. In the days to come the powers of the spirit will be so highly developed that you will be able to read at a glance the thoughts of your companions. Yet, no-one will be entrusted with this gift who does not yet know how to treat it with reverence.

‘We are explaining these things to help you understand that there is a great need for spiritual growth in every one of you, so that the finer gifts of the spirit can eventually become yours. The more you work selflessly and from a loving heart, the more your vision and perceptiveness of the spirit increases. In the fullness of time the power to heal and all other talents the Master Jesus possessed, according to the legend of his life, will also be yours. The highest forces will then be using you as their channel and the Master’s prophecy will come true that even greater miracles than the ones he performed will eventually be worked and that through each one of you.

‘The final and complete overthrow of death is waiting for humankind. Each one of you will discover for themselves that there is no death and that there never will be any. We hear you ask: ‘Do you mean no death of the physical body? But that would be against nature!’ What we mean is not death the way you know it today. When your small earthly self has surrendered itself completely to the Christ Spirit within and you have become a Christed one in your own right, a transmutation of the cells and atoms of your physical body takes place. This takes them onwards and upwards to higher vibrations where decay like that of the Earth plane does not exist.’

Updated March 2016. Considering that some of the earliest White Eagle teachings appeared as far back as 1937, it stands to reason that by now some considerable progress in our individual and collective spiritual development must have been made. Therefore, it is likely that we are a good bit closer to the above vision becoming a reality in earthly life.

* * *

Do Not Despair About The State Of Your World

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of guides that appeared in ‘A Time to Remember’ Stella Polaris October/November 2008: ‘We shall never tire of drawing your attention to the fact that thought is the most powerful creative force of all life and of humankind’s urgent need for learning to control its thinking. This is because each one of you possesses the same creative principle that is in God. This knowledge lays the instrument for creating the right kind of vibrations and for controlling the cells and atoms of their physical body in everybody’s own hands.

‘All who are presently taking part in the school of earthly life have been granted the gift of another lifetime, so that they may learn how to use this power for good and wholesome purposes only. Deep within every human soul rests the Divine urge to create a life that is free and holy, happy and healthy, joyous and loving. This means an existence in which everybody gives of their best and renders loving service to the whole of humankind and its world, whilst never losing sight that the world of spirit and light is your true home.

‘If you would like Mother Earth to become a more beautiful and peaceful place, in your mind start creating these conditions straight away. Use every spare moment to focus your thoughts on the world in which you would like to live. You can do nothing better to help it become a reality in earthly life. When you refuse to allow any other ideas about this theme to enter your consciousness, your hopes, dreams and aspirations have the power to not only raise your own vibrations but also those of your whole world. Show your trust in God’s great plan of life * by reminding yourself frequently that you and your world are resting safely in the loving hands of God and the Angels. This is one of the best ways of applying the constructive forces of creative thinking to your own life.

‘Never allow your thoughts to drag you down and do not give in to feelings of being incarcerated on the Earth plane, because your thoughts are free to go anywhere they please. Travelling faster than the speed of light, wherever you direct them they can instantly reach even the farthest and remotest corners of the whole of Creation. The moment you think about a place, you are instantly there. And when your thoughts are used in the right way, they have the power to release not only yourself but the whole of humankind from the darkness of its false beliefs, superstitions and prejudices about the purpose and meaning of their existence.

‘Most important of all, do not despair about the state of your world or dwell on the negative aspects of any situation. If you believe that much good can come out of whatever you see and that the best is yet to be, you are helping to bring it about. And refuse to be dismayed by the darkness of spiritual ignorance of the people around you. Instead, do all you can to shine the light of your knowledge into it. Cultivate love, compassion and tolerance towards everybody, as everybody is your sibling in the family of humankind, and also for all other lifeforms that share your beautiful planet with you. Whatever you do, always bear in mind that every bad and negative thought that goes out into the Universe adds to the sum of the ones that are already there and that the same is true for good and positive, kind and understanding thoughts.

‘God has a great evolutionary plan for the whole of Creation *, as well as for humankind and each individual human being in it and your world. As soon as you have become aware and accept that there really is a wise higher reason behind everything that happens on the earthly plane of life, thinking in constructive and positive ways becomes easier for you. By firmly believing in the final good outcome of everything, you are serving the evolutionary progress of your race, your whole world and the rest of Creation and are raising its consciousness. Even the smallest contribution any one of you makes to this end is of the greatest value and importance.

‘Golden opportunities for balancing their spiritual bank account are presently offered to all who are presently taking part in earthly life. That’s why you are likely to encounter many hurdles that get in the way of your progress. No matter how hard and difficult a task at first may appear to be, remind yourself that hand in hand with God and the Angels crooked corners can be made straight and all conditions and outstanding issues, your own and those of your world, can be resolved and healed. Then forge ahead and never give up hope that eventually every one of your Karmic debts is going to be paid and you will be free to move on to serving God in a different function somewhere on the higher levels of life.

‘Keep on keeping on with faith and trust in your heart that all will be well in the end for the whole of your race and its world, as well as you. And that is sure to happen in the not too distant future. You are never alone, we are doing all we can to support each one of you to fulfil the special task for which you were created *. Everything you truly need will always be coming your way, without you having to ask for it, because we know what it is better than you do at times. Please affirm:

All of life is flowingness
And in this flowing
There is meaning and law.
I trust God’s great plan of life
And my own within it.
I cannot lose what is my own and
I need not seek what is my own,
For what belongs to me will come and
Whatever goes does not belong to me.

Only what I am has power
And everything I need is rightfully mine.
It is drawn to me and will appear at the right moment.
Knowing this, I give up
All personal struggle and ambition.
I let go and trust the inner guidance
Of my Highest Self and the Universal Forces
To show me the way and
Run my life for me.

‘We, your friends and helpers in the world of light, your true home, will never leave you stranded anywhere. The door to our realm is always open to those whose loving thoughts are seeking contact with us. A warm and loving welcome awaits them. Our task is to help as many people as possible in your world to become aware of the power of their thoughts and the urgent need for learning to control them. This cannot be done without your assistance. We need you as much as you need us, so please support us by sharing your knowledge with those around you. Do this by whatever means is available to you, especially the Internet *, one of the most precious gifts the Aquarian Age has bestowed upon you. If you use it for the highest good and greatest joy of all humankind, you cannot go wrong. We are with you, all the way. God bless each and every one of you.’

* * *

What Can I Do About The State Of Our World?

If you are feeling helpless about many of the things that are happening in our world and are frequently asking yourself: ‘What can I do about the state of our world?’ I would reply: ‘More than you might think!’ Bearing in mind that all powers that are in God are also in us and each one of being a co-creator with God, we are powerful beyond compare. Read more about this by following the links at the end of this chapter.

This is our opportunity for learning how to employ the powers within us wisely and unselfishly for the highest good of all. As aspiring healers and lightbringers we can make a valuable contribution towards our planet’s sacred marriage with and spiritualisation by the highest levels of life, which for some time has been taking place. For this purpose we need to tune not only the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly mind but our whole being into the frequency of the Christ Star and project its radiance into the distressed areas of our world. This is how everybody can do their share of helping Mother Earth.

If that’s what you wish to do, please join me in your prayers, meditations and quite reflections by thinking and projecting nothing but light and love, hope and faith into the troubled spots of our world. Do not allow your mind to batter you with questions about any of the events that still have to take place because they are part of God’s great evolutionary plan. If they were not, there would be no need for them.

Never despair but develop an ever increasing faith and trust in the basic goodness of the life we have been granted. When our mind is calm and steadfast and our heart filled with the love of God and for all our siblings in the family of humankind, the white magic of the Universal Christ’s blessing and healing energies fills our whole being and from there flows quite naturally into our whole world.

May the Archangel Michael’s golden sword of wisdom and truth touch the heart and soul of humankind to awaken the Divine spark in every heart and turn it into a small still flame of love. As ever more of us grow in wisdom and understanding, may the blazing fire of God’s sacred truth burn away every last remnant of earthly life’s ignorance.

* * *

White Eagle On The Healing Work

The following is the essence of a message from the White Eagle group of guides that appeared in Stella Polaris October/November 2016 under the heading ‘The Gentle Brother’: ‘You are on the Earth plane to learn how to tune the receiver/transmitter station of your earthly minds into the frequency of the Universal Christ. We would like you to become aware of how important the efforts of every individual human being who is willing to do their share of bringing peace and healing to all of humankind and its world are.

‘A great deal of selfishness in earthly life is caused not as much by wilfulness as thoughtlessness. But the more you advance on the spiritual pathway of life, the more your need for assessing the value of every one of your thoughts, words and actions disappears. This is because once your heart has attuned itself to the Highest, acting spontaneously in good, kind and loving ways is natural for you in every situation. Whatever tasks then present themselves to you, the love in our heart attends to them and you find solutions that are for the highest good and greatest joy of all.

‘Spontaneous goodwill and thoughtfulness, spiritually correct behaviour and perfect balance between the material and spiritual aspects of life, that’s what each one of you in earthly is ultimately striving for. And the more people come together and attune themselves to God’s infinite love and the spirit of good, we, your siblings on the other side of the veil of consciousness, can use your groups as channels through which the goodness and kindness of the spirit realm increasingly flows. As nothing is as infectious as these things, open your hearts and souls so that the love of the Christ spirit can flow into those around you and from there into the whole of your world.

‘Once the power of thought is understood, it can be used by anyone to create a life that is filled with beauty and kindness, peace and harmony. This is because whenever you practise right thinking to help others by sending them constructive and positive thoughts only, the Universal laws ensure that you receive more of the same in return. As everything one of you sends forth has to be repaid, good thinking therefore serves a double purpose.

‘The more of you are doing these things, the speedier your whole world will be filling with the goodwill of Universal love. This kind of love is no sickly sentiment but a potent force that is capable of raising humankind from the darkness of ignorance about its true nature and destiny into the light of consciously being aware of these things, as well as the duties they entail. This is how all of you are slowly but surely moving from experiencing the always brief and temporary realities of earthly life into the eternal realm of your spirit nature and the joys that are waiting for you there.

‘All we can do is to give you broad outlines of the principles involved and the foundations upon which you yourselves have to build your new world. Knowing them empowers you to act as one of the pioneers and servers of the Aquarian Age. Never forget that your present thoughts, words and actions are vital building materials you will be using many times over in future incarnations on different planes and planets. You are not alone in your work. You may not be able to see us and not always sense our presence because doing so would not be good for you.

‘This is for the simple reason that it would prevent you from bringing forth and developing your own inner strength and learning to trust your own capabilities when you are working hand in hand with God and us. But no matter what happens, rest assured that you never have been or will be on your own. Although you were not aware of it for a long time, for as long as you have been taking part in earthly life, you have always been holding on to the hand of your true brother/sister, the Universal Christ, who blesses each one of you and us with His/Her presence.’

* * *

Do Not Worry About The Future

A Message From The Angels

• There is no need for any of you to worry about the future, your own as well as that of the human race and your whole world. All life safely is held in and protected by the loving hands of the Great Father/Mother of all life, whose humble servants we are. Have no doubt that the Divine Architect’s great plan of life has always been unfolding as it should and forever will continue to do so. Each one of you has their allocated space in it and their particular role to play in the tragic-comedy of earthly life, in which each individual existence is carefully laid out and planned. We cannot tell you frequently enough that we are the executors of God’s great plan and in charge of every small design within it.

• The only thing that is required from each one of you is that you should learn to trust and have faith in the power of God’s love. Today we have come to draw your attention to the futility of worrying about what may happen tomorrow. If the things you imagine never come about, you would have been wasting the precious energies of life’s forces. But even if imagined things do happen, because your careless thinking has brought them about, instead of worrying some more, turn to us. We are with you and at any time of day or night willing to show the way to those who request our help. All you have to do is invite us into your life by asking for our assistance with everything you do. Go to bed in good time and never forget to communicate with us last thing, and get up early enough to start your day unrushed.

• Learn to say: ‘No!’ to projects that won’t fit into your time schedule. Failing to do so endangers the state of your mental health. You don’t have to do everything yourself. Delegate tasks to others who are capable of carrying them out. Simplify your life and get rid of clutter, bearing in mind that less can often be more. Although at times one of something may not be enough, two could be too many.

• Allow sufficient time for doing things and getting to places. Pace yourself. Spread big changes and difficult projects out over time. Don’t tackle all hard tasks at once and live one day at a time.

• Separate worries from concerns. Whenever you are concerned about something, consult with the living God within, your intuition, so we can tell you through it which course of action is best for you at that moment. Following our instructions will help you let go of uncertainties and the anxiety that accompanies them. If nothing can be done about a situation, place it in our hands and quietly attend to the rest of your life.

• If you are in search of peace of mind, learn to live within your budget and refuse to use credit cards for ordinary purchases. Have backups like an extra car key in their wallet, an additional house key that is hidden somewhere safe, some stamps and so forth. Every day do something that pleases your inner child and carry a good book with you to read when you have to wait somewhere. Get sufficient rest and eat the right things that have been prepared with love. Become organised and make sure that everything has its place.

• Listening to soothing music while driving lifts your spirit. Every day make time for meditating and spending time with us. Write down any ideas and inspirations we give you that are worthwhile keeping. Deal with small problems straight away. Don’t leave them to fester in your mind until bedtime. When bigger ones arise, remember that we are with you always and merely waiting for your call.

• Make friends with like-minded people who share your spiritual outlook on life. Keep a folder of your favourite quotes for hope and encouragement on hand. And remember that the best bridge between despair and a renewal of hope is often a grateful: ‘Thank you Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life, for the many blessings that are in my life’. Every night at bedtime try to think with gratitude of at least one thing in your life for which you have never given thanks before.

• Humour and particularly laughing out loud is good for you, so keep on smiling and laughing. Take your work seriously and whenever you are in danger of taking yourself too seriously, think: ‘Blessed are those who can laugh about themselves, for they shall have endless fun!’

• Be kind to those who are unkind to you. For one thing this creates good Karma for you and for another people who behave in this manner are likely to need kindness from you most of all. Develop a forgiving attitude by bearing in mind that most people really are doing the best they can and that they just don’t know any better as yet. So, keep a firm hold on your ego. Don’t allow it to run your life for you and spoil it by creating unnecessary difficult Karmic situations on your behalf.

• Talk less and listen more. Keeping your mouth shut tight, refusing to indulge in careless gossip and confiding only in the right people, in the right places and at the right times can not only save you endless amounts of trouble, but also creating karmic obstacles. See the link ‘Guarding Our Tongues’ at the end.

• Slow down, you move to fast, just make the moment last – at least here and there. At regular intervals remind yourself that you are not in charge of the Universe and that it’s not your task to carry the world on your shoulders, because that’s God’s work and ours. The only things you are responsible for is every aspect of your being and especially the drives and urges of your lower earthly self. Learn to control them instead of those around you. Refuse to bear grudges, earthly life is too short for them. You can neither know someone else’s Karma nor the special lessons they are taking part in during their present lifetime. You are not responsible for them or the mistakes they make.

• Make peace with yourself, with the gift of life that has been entrusted into your care and the One, who created you and once brought you into being. Because any unresolved issues left behind in one lifetime, have to be brought into the next one in the hope of finding resolutions this time round. This task could then turn out to be even harder to grapple with. Therefore, make every effort to heal all your relationships and forgive people, no matter what. Forgive anyone who has ever hurt and wounded you, as this sets both of you free to move on to lessons of a more elevated nature. And never forget that with the help and the will of God and us all conditions can be healed and crooked corners made straight. Call upon us, we shall never get tired of hearing from you.

* * *

Mother Earth

Our planet is a manifestation
Of the Great Mother of all life,
Who experiences Herself
As physical beings through us.
She looks at Herself with our eyes
And perceives earthly life through our senses.
Like us she awakens
To the miracle of each new day.

Each one of us has been granted
The gift of another earthly lifetime,
So that we may evolve into one of our planet’s
Guardians and caretakers,
Doing our best to put a halt
To the robbing and plundering
Of its precious resources.
Through us and our efforts
Mother Earth is now transforming herself
Into a place of healing and peace.

Thanks and praise be to Thee,
Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
And Thy only born Son/Daughter,
The spirit of the Universal Christ.
With all our hearts and souls
We welcome Thee, O living loving spirit
Of wisdom and love,
Truth and honesty,
Loyalty and integrity,
Onto the Earth.

* * *

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