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Refusing Judgement
Refusing Judgement

Refusing Judgement


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Three

On the road to spiritual Mastership, wise ones refuse to sit in judgement over those who to this day are killing and maiming, raping and pillaging to their heart’s content. The Jesus legend’s parable St John 8:7 about a woman caught in adultery comes to their mind in which Jesus bent down and wrote with his finger on the ground. When those who had gathered around him kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said: ‘Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.’

This reminds them of lifetimes when they were going through the crude and unevolved initial phase of their earthly self’s development, and were as young and inexperienced as the present offenders of our world are. Aware that there is every likelihood that what these people are doing now was also once done by them, they count the blessings of having reached the final phase of their earthly education. And so they give thanks and praise to the Highest Forces for having got them there.

Their knowledge helps these wise ones to resist the temptation of taking trespassers against the laws of life by the scruff of their necks and shaking them into the awakening of their spiritual nature. It comforts them to know that this cannot come about for any human being until the right point of their development has been reached. But, nonetheless sometimes they cannot help wanting to assist these people in some way. After all, they too are God’s beloved children of the Earth and our siblings in the great family of humankind. Whenever feelings of that nature threaten to overwhelm you, pay attention to what kind of reaction comes to you intuitively from your inner guidance. But in any case, be extra careful as nobody will thank you for your efforts if they come at the wrong time for the other one. At best they would simply not understand and wonder what kind of a nutcase you are. At worst they could feel threatened by what you are saying, become aggressive and attack you.

Whatever happens, we are not to cast our pearls of wisdom before – no, not swine but the unready. Best of all, to my mind, in all human encounters is to ask your Highest Self that the right words should always come to you. Requests of this nature are never denied by God and the Angels. When all is said and done, every human being is walking the same road up the spiritual mountain of life. And each one of the religions God and the Angels ever gave to our world was but a somewhat different pathway that is meant to be valid for a certain length of time only. Every belief system was a river and now that the age of truth is with us, all of them are joining forces and flowing into the vast ocean of spiritual life where God’s eternal laws of love and evolution rule supreme.

Every new religious myth, tale or legend was given in keeping with humankind’s requirements at that particular time. Each one served the wise higher purpose of teaching us how to differentiate between the higher and lower aspects of God’s nature and our own that consist of masculine and feminine, darkness and light, good and evil and so forth. No spiritual progress is possible for those who to this day insist that every word of our world’s sacred texts is literally true because the truth has always been hiding behind their surface words of their parables, allegories and metaphors. As soon as one begins to look for God’s sacred wisdom and truth in this way, they quite magically start to make a great deal of sense. Working with them creatively has the power of speeding up the progress of our individual and collective moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Let’s return to the Jesus legend’s parable mentioned earlier for a moment with an extract from ‘You Only See One Side Of The Picture’: ‘To paraphrase words from the Jesus legend: ‘Let those among you who are free from sin, cast the first stone.’ As soon as any kind of situation is viewed from the Karmic angle, it would be most unwise for anyone to pick up a stone, never mind throwing it. And would you dare to throw a stone of condemnation towards the young and inexperienced souls, who are committing such acts? After all, aren’t they your siblings in the family of humankind, your younger brothers and sisters? What they are doing is part of the early phases of humankind’s earthly curriculum, just the same as you had to experience in past lifetimes. Never forget that all of it is provided by God’s wisdom and love. There would be no point in asking God and the Angels to forgive any trespassers against the law of love, because they are standing by and know exactly what is happening.

‘It wouldn’t be your place to forgive those who sin, but you may utter to yourself the following words from the Jesus legend: ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing’. Truly, they are completely unaware of what they are doing to themselves, the same you did not know when you had to deal with the same phase of your development. In those days you too would have asked: ‘Why, if God loves His/Her children, are volcanoes and earthquakes permitted? Why, if God loves humankind, are humans allowed to go to war and commit acts of terrorism?’

‘Human souls find peace when their earthly selves realise that they themselves are the ultimate cause of everything that has ever happened on the Earth and is doing so to this day. It could not be any other way because the Universal laws work in exact rhythms and with great precision. There is a great abundance of everything, but as only through the lack of something human beings can learn to appreciate that which they have, sometimes periods when rain is withheld are necessary in earthly life, to teach you the value of water. The same principle applies to war and peace, but even if the warmongering lasts six thousand years, it represents a mere batting of an eyelid in God’s time.’

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22 Jan, 2020
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