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Remeber When...
Remeber When...

Remeber When...

Sparkly_Alicornchaotic child

Remember when...?

That is a statment often used by many people. Me included.

But what happens when a friendship ends? What happens to the memories?

do you stuff them in a box along with every present you ever recieved from that person? I tried to. But I think about this person all the time.

It gets better. The memories do start to flow away. Not quickly. It's slowly, but one day, you wake up, or you see yourself replaced, or that person is just really gone, and it hits you. The shock is gone. The tears might come, but it is okay to cry.

Read that again-






It makes us human. After the shock, the tears, the hurting, forgive. Forgive yourself and them

You don't have to be everything for everyone. You PHYSICALLY CAN NOT be everything for everyone.

But you can love. You can love EVERYONE. God has blessed us with that. Not through our love but His own.

Yeah, losing a friend really, really, really, really hurts, but God is good. You will be able to walk up to that person again one day, ask them about how they are doing, give them a little "Happy Birthday, glad you are alive" card, high five them in the halls. You can always be there for them, forget the past.

You will move on. And I know it hurts so much. But it will be okay.

One day, you'll look back and say, "Hey, remember when..." and then break off because empty space can't listen to your heart the way a person can.

But God listens. Pray you heart out to him, pray until your knees blister and bleed. He loves you. He died for you.

That is why, even though it hurt for awhile, I was still able to smile and say, "I am doing sparkly today." Because I know God is with me and He leads me through this and every other trial He has ever given me, so that my faith might be stronger.


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chaotic child
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26 Feb, 2021
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1 min
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