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Removing The Blindfold From Our Inner Vision
Removing The Blindfold From Our Inner Vision

Removing The Blindfold From Our Inner Vision


All life in the whole of Creation consists of circles within circles and cycles within cycles that move in an upwards winding spiral onto ever higher levels of existence. Every human lifetime represents one of these circles that is subject to the same seasons as the world around us, i.e. spring and summer, autumn and winter. Each circle has its beginning in the world of spirit and also ends there.

Yet, penetrating the heart of the mysteries of life in general and of the Cosmos, requires quiet contemplations and meditations in our contact with the small still voice of the living God within is renewed and strengthened. The ancient mysteries of Mu, Atlantis, Persia, Egypt and China are the property of the soul of our world and our own. If we would like to penetrate them, we need to go within and learn how to be still. Everything that happened in those far distant days in our world has been registered in the Akashic Records. They are part of its soul memories and our own and can be accessed only with the assistance and permission of the living God, the wise one within, who knows when we are ready for such experiences.

The entry into every new earthly lifetime releases us from the warmth and light of the spirit world, our true eternal home. From there we emerge each time anew into the darkness and cold of the Earth environment where war and violence, crime and sickness of mind, body, spirit and soul for thousands of years have been ruling supreme. Read more about why this should have been so in ‘The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages’.

Until we have become aware that all life throughout the whole of Creation, including our own, is subject to Universal laws, in particular those of evolution, Karma and reincarnation, to my mind there is no way of making any sense whatever of our earthly existence. What a relief it is when one eventually discovers that the Earth is a place of learning and a school, no more and no less. On every occasion we re-enter into it, it happens for the wise higher purpose of taking part in yet another round of what earthly life can teach us.

A major awakening takes place when we find out that thinking is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation and that through our thinking each one of us at any given moment has been and to this day is constantly contributing to the state of our world. This helps us to realise that true and lasting peace for us and our world can only come when the last one of us has become aware of what we are doing to ourselves and our world. Only through learning to control our thoughts can our world become a more peaceful place. Everybody has to do their share of living in more peaceful ways and make a genuine effort to habitually send nothing but peaceful, kind and loving thoughts to anyone. Every single thought of this nature makes a small but invaluable contribution towards transforming our planet into a more agreeable one.

On the road to making it that way, we need to forgive first ourselves and then everybody else for doing their share of creating the present state of our world. In particular we need to forgive the young and inexperienced souls in our midst, who do not yet know any better than creating with their thoughts, words and deeds more of the mess that is already before us. Before we sit in judgement over them, let’s remind ourselves that this is what we also did in the course of many lifetimes, for as long as we remained trapped in the darkness of not knowing the true purpose and meaning of our existence.

Ignorance breeds fear and the memories of those lifetimes contain our most deeply routed and difficult to shed fears. We brought them with us into our present lifetime, in the hope of being able to release them and let them go. Read more about this in ‘Ignorance – The Cause Of All Evil’. In this context it is essential to know that the processes of Creation decree that inner manifestation has to come before outer. In practical terms this means that anything is experienced on the earthly plane of life was first created on the inner spiritual level. An idea and a thought get the process moving.

Every pain that is experienced in our physical body is an outer manifestation of the emotional/spiritual pain of painful and traumatic events that were part of our learning curve in previous lifetimes as well as earlier in this one. As the soul is the memory bank of every one of our experiences, every pain in our physical body represents a call from our soul. If left unattended for too long, our soul has to scream louder and louder to make itself heard until screaming pitch it reached and the pain is so intense that it becomes unbearable. And all the time, all our soul is saying: ‘Look at me! Release me, let me go. I am nothing but a memory and a shadow of past events.’

Shedding layer upon layer of fears from our soul memories can be likened to the peeling of an onion. That’s what I have been doing for many years and still do not seem to have reached the end of this journey. Once in a while I cannot help asking myself: ‘Why should there be so many painful memories in my soul? Why me? What have I done to deserve this?’ Knowing that there is a reason for everything that is in our lives, I accept that I am the only one who is responsible for creating the pain. This makes is easier to endure whatever else my healing journey my still have to bring me.

Without the knowledge of the law of Karma and reincarnation every aspect of our earthly existence simply does not make any sense to me whatsoever. If life really were a one-off thing, it would be totally unfair and unjust. But when I build the above two concepts into the jigsaw puzzle that our world represents, a beautifully clear picture of life’s meaning and the working of its processes emerges, which shows me that life is extremely fair and just indeed.

When in this way the blindfold has at last been removed from our spiritual vision, it is comforting to know that each one of our earthly intervals is but a passing phase. Even if we reach the age of one hundred years and over, that’s merely the batting of an eyelid in God’s time of Eternity. As soon as one bears such things in mind, humankind’s earthly life makes a great deal of sense and one sees with great clarity that things just could not be any other way. Feeling that way about anything is our inner guidance’s way of saying: ‘Yes, this is true! It is what happens.’

That was the case during my first encounter with astrology. If you take a look at the signs and houses of the birthchart and then read all my interpretations of the Sun signs one after the other, you will also be able to see for yourself how one small step after another the pathway of each soul unfolds in the course of many lifetimes. It may help you to recognise that each one of us has their pre-destined pathway to walk, so that we may constantly evolve and grow in wisdom and understanding of life. And that, to my mind, is nothing short of pure magic.

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29 Nov, 2019
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