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Rethink Your Existence
Rethink Your Existence

Rethink Your Existence

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Seriously, this is me and my friends. And our minds wander to very weird places. So please, I know, some of these are completely RIDICULOUS. Just saying a quick warning.

Oh, and we have a crazy imaginations. If it's not aliens, then it's humans in the center of the Earth. Please don't take them seriously.

Oh and there's some religion thing here too, so if I offended you any way, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

Anyway, here goes nothing.


What if your life is a lie and it’s just a realistic dream?

What if the Loch Ness monster was a monster from the a more primitive universe with dinosaurs?

What if there were never dinosaurs but dragons in fairy tales?

What if polar bears are a race of albino grizzly bears?

What if the reason that aliens haven’t visited us was because they are more advanced, and are preparing for the invasion of planet Earth?

What if aliens are among us but no one knows because they look just like us? Maybe even better ;)

What if our universe is an alien’s science fair project that is in a mason jar sitting on his shelf?


What if the universe tears and your flung through space; time has stopped; can you die?

What if there’s somebody out there, in the universe, that acts like you, talks like you, and look likes you, is you, and that person is reading this right now?

What if black holes are a portal to Heaven so everybody that went there never came back because it's amazing there?

What if time stopped? Could you walk on water? Could move, live or breathe?

If time stopped, how long will that last? If time doesn’t exist when it stops, what does?

What if every time you make a decision the universe splits and the other universe continues on?


What if there’s another race humans living in the center of the Earth, but we can’t reach them because we can’t survive the heat and they can’t come to us because they can’t survive the cold?

What if those humans are made of 75% of lava like we are made of 75% of water?

What if our human race are a bunch of people from the parallel universe that got lost and sucked in a black hole, with memory loss of the past because the black hole had so much pressure?

What if colors are different for every eye color but nobody knows for sure what color is what because nobody knows what other people see?


What if mirrors are actually a portal to a parallel universe and your reflection is you from the other universe doing exactly what you are doing?

What if all your dreams came true in another dimension?

What if mirrors are a portal to a different world but your reflection stops you from going there, because it protects you from something?

What if when you draw something, like a cat, it is created in a parallel universe?

What if all the “ufo” s we see are actually NASA machines from the other dimension that got sucked into a black hole portal, vice versa?

What if we aren't the base universe and just a super weird version of another universe? What would the base one look like? (By TheValhallan. Thanks!)


What if the government is a group of aliens secretly controlling us? Are they planning to take over the world?

What if aliens already took over the Earth (but they look like humans, so they blend right in) but they secretly control us? What if they are the CIA, Illuminati, or even the Government, and the president is their human porte-parole? hostage?

BELIEFS: (Sorry if this is against your beleifs)

What if God was one of us?

What if God was Earth and natural disasters is revenge for the pollution we released on Earth?

What if God was a hybrid alien and his father was an alien that mated with a human and that’s why some humans were against him? And then he went to his father’s planet?

What if there are microscopic humans that think that we are God?


What if you came back into time and killed yourself? Will you still be alive? Or would you disappear into nothing?


In the book Everyday, a boy’s soul changes body everyday. He travels from human to human, not knowing who he’ll wake up as the next morning. He can’t die then, can he? IMMORTALITY?!

What if J.K Rowling is a witch that trying to tell Muggles to save themselves from Voldemort in a form of writing a book?

Author Notes: Sorry if I made you cringe...

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27 Feb, 2019
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