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Revealing The Truth
Revealing The Truth

Revealing The Truth


Miracles And Wonders – Part Four

No true and lasting healing can take place in anyone’s physical body unless their indwelling spirit/soul has been healed first. This miracle can only come about through the patient coming to terms with and accepting the following:

1. Humankind’s true nature.
2. The higher purpose of everyone’s earthly existence.
3. The working of the processes of life.
4. The affect the Divine Universal laws have on all life throughout the whole of Creation, including humankind.
5. Who and what is constantly toiling behind the surface of your earthly existence on the behalf of you and your world.
6. Things can only manifest themselves on the earthly plane after they have been created on the inner spiritual level. No-one should run away with the idea that anything can happen on its own. It most certainly does not!
7. Everything that has ever taken place has been in keeping with the Divine great plan and the myriads of small plans within it.
8. Thought is the most powerful force of all in the whole of Creation.
9. As co-creators with the Great Father/Mother and Me, you are constantly in the process of bringing something into being. With every one of your thoughts, words and actions you are creating it.
10. Whatever one of you sends out into the Universe in this manner has to return to you in the fullness of time. Even if it takes hundreds or thousands of lifetimes, it cannot do anything else.

How can anyone mature into spiritual adulthood without knowing these things? Spirit/souls who are less experienced than you also have to find out about My dualities and polarities and that they are an essential part of every human being’s character make-up, including theirs. In all of you the forces of masculine and feminine, darkness and light, good and evil, higher and lower nature, and so forth are constantly at work and affecting in thoughts, words and deeds everything you do.

In Me every aspect of the dualities and polarities are equal partners. They are working peacefully and harmoniously together and lovingly respond to each other. For as long as they are still at loggerheads, the main task facing you is reconciling and healing them together into one well functioning unit like Mine. It takes some earthly selves a long time before they realise what is at stake here. Until that point of someone’s development has been reached, they are likely to project the unseen subconscious parts onto the people around them.

This is because your environment acts like a mirror and the qualities you recognise in others in truth are also yours. You can only see in them what in you as well. That applies as much to good, pleasant and noble characteristics as bad, evil and ugly ones. Your world has purposely designed to reflect the inner invisible aspects of your earthly personality. They are constantly rising from your subconscious into your conscious awareness. Wise ones, who are aware of this, address and correct in themselves that which they recognise as irritating and annoying in others. They know that embracing and owning up them is the right way of letting them go, once and for all. They can still see those characteristics in other, but it does no longer bother them unduly.

The God-man Jesus represents the higher and lower aspects of your nature. As many of you know by now, he is not a historic figure that once walked in your midst. The story of his life describes the initiations that all human beings have to go through on their evolutionary journey up the spiritual mountain of earthly life. The itinerant preacherman and wonderworker is a symbolism of you when you start sharing, with as many as possible, the learning you have gathered along the pathway of your present lifetime.

Many in your world are searching for a soulmate in the hope that such a person will make them whole, but in truth I am the one all of you are looking for. You do not need other people to make you whole; you already are or rather you will be as soon as you have integrated the polarities within you and through this fully re-connected with Me, your highest God or Christ Self. The ultimate purpose of your earthly education has been fulfilled when you understand your true nature, the higher purpose of your existence and the high and holy destiny that awaits every human being. Earth life then has nothing left to teach you.

When you have been spiritually blind and deaf and begin to realise that the essence of your being is spirit/soul who is immortal and will never die, and that it is this part of your being that is trying to tell you about its special needs through an illness of your physical body, the Angels and I rejoice because you are paying attention at last. Whenever someone asks for our help with healing their afflictions, their higher nature is waking from its slumbers and the miracle of making a blind one see and a deaf one hear is happening for you.

You then discover that the spirit world has always communicated with humankind in myths and legends, metaphors and allegories. It dawns on you that insisting that every word of such tales is true and should be understood literally has been an excellent way of hiding the truth. You realise that revealing it had to wait until the right time for doing so had come. Working out, each for themselves, the higher esoteric meaning that has always been hiding behind the surface words of such tales is every human being’s task on the earthly plane. This is a slow and gradual process that, towards the end of your present lifetime, assists you with developing the ability that is known as true clairvoyance.

You then no longer have any difficulties recognising the esoteric meaning behind the strange interlude of the Jesus legend when the Master washes the feet of his disciples. Knowing that literally and metaphorically speaking the feet represent humankind’s understanding, wise ones appreciate that it is an allegory of how, on the road to spiritual Mastership, it eventually becomes every human being’s duty to share the wisdom and knowledge the Angels and I are giving to your world through those who are acting as their channel. Each time you are helping someone find a better understanding of their true nature and the higher purpose and the meaning of their existence, you are washing their feet metaphorically speaking.

And that’s how every Divine spark on its evolutionary journey slowly but surely lights up and changes first of all into a small still flame of love. Shedding its light into your world, it keeps on growing. The more it unites itself with others, the more the sacred fire of Mother Earth and Father Sun, both manifestations of the Great Father/Mother and Me, cleanse and purify all lower energies and transforms them into blessing and healing energies. In this way, with the passing of time, the flame grows into an ever more powerful blaze that gradually absorbs the dark clouds of ignorance and fear that are still filling not only the person’s own but also your whole world’s consciousness. This sacred fire alone has the power of uplifting and transmuting them into total faith and trust in the blessing and healing power of the Angels and Me that freely flows into the heart and soul of humankind.

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13 Jan, 2020
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