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Right Time
Right Time

Right Time

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"Where is she?" he asked pacing up and down the hall. He wanted to be the one to tell her. After all she is his daughter. His eyes widened as he looked at the dressing table with her kindergarten pictures.

Seven years seems to flash over his eyes instantly. He could still feel her tiny hands freeing from his hands when she first attempted the phenomenal feat of walking on her own. That smile when it struck her that she is walking without her dad's support. She fell down immediately and the joyous face turned suddenly to a tear bucket. A small smile escaped from his lips.

Memories have the strangest habit of bringing the happiest moments just before the saddest ones. He wondered if it is him who is making it complicated or is it some so called supreme being puppeting us, although he was reluctant to devote his trust in the latter. This time it was the first day at school. For a four year old, packing for the school, he was so scared than her. She was excited to enter a new phase of her life, but he was not ready for it. He even considered the idea of home schooling while dropping her at the school. He still remembers his wife yelling, "You have gone mad." Days passed and getting straight A's has become her thing. She was too good in science and enrolled herself in the science Olympiads. There seem to be nothing stopping her and that's when this happened.

"Here she comes." His wife's words brought him back to the present. He looked at the door and there stood his princess. She seemed to be tired from her school, but she beamed with happiness on seeing him as he stopped returning home early. Every day seeing her reminded him of the big subject he had been avoiding to have it with her. "Daddy" she ran and jumped into his hands. He hugged her warmly and keeping her close to him. He looked at his wife. Tears rolled down her cheek and she nodded, agreeing that it's time to tell her. He was clueless on how to began. He composed himself and said,

"Honey, have you heard about cancer."

Author Notes: I know it's sad. It's a terrible thing, but life has its own way to bring things to us.

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4 Feb, 2017
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1 min
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