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A Rose By Any Other Name
A Rose By Any Other Name

A Rose By Any Other Name


Do you think it’s possible to change the course of one’s destiny by altering one’s name? My inner guidance gives me a loud and clear: ‘No!’ and points me to Shakespeare’s words in ‘Romeo and Juliet’: ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.’ No matter what name you choose for a rose, call it brick or house or anything else, it still exudes the same scent, its spiritual essence. The same principle applies to human name changes. The essence, our spirit and soul and its emanations in the form of our character traces, reflected in our behaviour and reactions to the world around us remain unchanged and so does our Karma. The outer appearance of anything, including our own, is always a manifestation of what is happening within, never the other way round.

In any case, there is a wise and higher reason for our names. Everything in the whole of Creation is vibration and numerology reveals how every name possesses its own unique vibration that is an expression of the inner and outer characteristics of the person, animal or object carrying it. That’s why a rose by any other name cannot do anything but smell as sweet and why changing one’s name does in truth not alter anything. Interestingly enough also, people changing their names are likely to intuitively pick a name that has a similar, sometimes identical vibration as the old one. This is because on the inner level and therefore invisibly, the previous one will always remain, as this is the name the soul itself chose before entering into its present lifetime.

Very wisely the Universe has placed the power to consciously influence and change our destiny and future Karma into everybody’s own hands. And this can only be done by changing our character, our behaviour and thinking patterns, words, thoughts and actions in the here and now. We consciously need to endeavour to bring forth from within the very core of our being the highest qualities we are capable of. But even then, before any soul is allowed to move on to lessons of a different and higher nature, the Lords of Karma on the highest levels of life insist that every last shred of our Karmic debts has been paid and any damage we ever did has been redeemed. Until that has happened, none of us can be released from the drudgery of the tests and trials of earthly life. Each one of us has come with lots of good, bad and indifferent Karma into this lifetime. Otherwise there would be no need for us to be here.

Have you ever reflected on how most people’s name for everyday use is an abbreviation, usually because the full name is too long, mine included? Underneath however, the old name always remains valid and functioning, as I can tell you from first hand experience and also of those around me. Take a Maggie for example. She will always remain a Margaret. Mikes, Micks and Mitches will never change from their Michael vibration and so forth. So, a name – what’s in a name? A great deal! If you only know someone’s first name, numerologically it reveals much more about them than anyone would think. I once made a study of people’s initials only and that too led me to some interesting conclusions.

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27 Nov, 2019
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2 mins
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