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~ Rose Petals 3~
~ Rose Petals 3~

~ Rose Petals 3~

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I wondered what would happen if Haze or Jacob knew I was a girl. They wouldn't accept me, for sure. Girls are pretty things, not skilled thieves with knives. I never stole because I never had to, but I have my schemes. Stealing doesn't sound pretty, but it's for the greater good. This is a life I wanted. I always dreamed of a moment like this. And now opportunity knocked on my door.

Time to act.

I used to hate my room. It was were I was went after my dad lost his temper. It's where I went wishing I could have a normal life. I'm the stupid princess, making me known.

My heart stopped. Could Haze and Jacob recognize my eyes? I hope not. If they saw my stupid heterochromic eyes. I hate them. They are ugly and different from each other. And the worst part is that everybody can recognize me through them.

My mother used to grab my cheeks and say I had eyes of an angel. I was naive and believed her. Only if she were here to see how this became a curse instead of a gift.

I never asked to be the goddamn princess. I just wanted to live a normal life like anyone else. I know there would be people that would kill to have riches and be the next royal person in line, but I sure don't want to. I don't value money. I value honesty, loyalty, kindness...I would rather give all the money to Scarlog and the other village. They actually need it. They are starving and can't even afford a house. Meanwhile, there's my dad sipping his golden cup while counting how many useless but priceless relics he has.

Unfair. That's all this system is.

I exhaled through my nose with frustration. As I brushed through my velvet curtains, I knew I would not come back here in a long time. Maybe I would come snooping around, but it wouldn't be the same. This wouldn't be my room anymore. This would be the room of the princess.

And when I said yes to Haze, I already decided I wasn't going to sit pettily on my throne. I wasn't going to be the princess. Time to be Alyx. A fighter. A boy. A thief.

I took my leather backpack and stuffed a few clothes in it. Forget the tight shirts and leggings. Forget the dresses and gowns. I took the baggy shirts and trousers. I took all the daggers I had. I took leather slippers.

The shoes were slightly feminine, but I could pass it off. The soles were made out of hardened fabric, so I didn't make noise when I rushed around. Besides, the boots I had on my feet worked well enough. I wouldn't be using the slippers that often anyway.

I looked around, again, contemplating what else I cold stuff in my backpack. Twirling the strap, I bit my lip. I still couldn't fully wrap my head around the fact that I was leaving.

Maybe forever.

I will never sleep in this bed again. I will never set foot here every night. I will not be the princess anymore.

And I will finally be free.

Author Notes: Big fat thanks to Striker to motivate me lol

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21 Sep, 2019
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2 mins
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