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It was another day in the woods and the prey pile for the pack had decreased tremendously, only a few squirrels and rabbits remained. I looked around my den finding no one in there beds. I got up streched out and looked around the deserted cave. Everyone had gone and I was the olny one left, right then and there the memories from last night flooded my memory...

It was stone cold and dimly lit causing every shadow to send my heart pounding. I had roamed this forest undergrowth all my life but something wasn't quite right. Snap! A twig broke which sending all the hairs on my back to prick up. Out from the ferns and unkempt undergrowth appeared a running squirrel. Odd I though but soon dismissed it as just a casual thing. Minutes later a flock of birds flew over the thick canopy of pines and evergreens. At that I knew something was not right.

I immediately went into an attacking stance with my lips curled back into a snarl showing my viscous canines, and ears pricked up listening to any and all sounds,my front paws were hunched in front of my head and back legs ready to pounce at the incoming enemy. "Any second now" I thought to myself. A few minutes passed with no signs of enemy coming but I couldn't let my guard down for even the slightest of seconds or else the enemy might attack.

Finally I heard what I was hoping wouldn't be there. A few leaves crumbled behind the clump of fern in front of me."run" it was my mentor. An old grey wolf emerged from the fern panting and then lying down for his very last time.I eased my guard down enough to then be awaited by a death in front of my eyes. 'No" I whispered. He opened his eyes and spoke a whispered "Tell the others go back to the pack get the fighters. Get out". I didn't understand his Command but all I knew was danger was here and that I had to flee.

Author Notes: Should I make a part 2?

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24 Feb, 2017
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