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Sacred Feet
Sacred Feet

Sacred Feet


Be A Miracle Worker – Part Eighteen

O Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life.
You are the architect and designer of the great plan of life.
The Angels are its executors and in charge of it.
You and they tenderly care for the whole of Creation.
Everything that exists in it,
Including me and my world,
Once emerged from You and will
In the fullness of time return to.

All things were created from
The Light of the Universal Christ Spirit,
Your only born Son/Daughter.
Through the Sun in the sky above our world
Its warmth and love radiates into our world,
Giving life and sustaining it.

The whole of humankind and our world
Are presently coming home to the recognition
Of our true self and the high and holy destiny
That ultimately awaits every one of us.
Literally and metaphorically, the feet represent
Our race’s understanding.Thankfulness fills our heart and souls
As we kneel at Your sacred feet
And pray that even the last and slowest ones of us
Will be granted the gift of understanding
The Great Mother’s wisdom and truth,
So it can help us to lovingly attend to the tasks
That still have to be faced by us,
However unpleasant some of them are.


* * *

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14 Feb, 2020
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1 min
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