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Sailing Away
Sailing Away

Sailing Away

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Seems everyday the world goes mad
and I can't stand to see it turn this way.
So I gather my courage and thoughts
when a warm wind blows,
and the time is right for me to go.
Just gotta bring memories and dignity
to find my way back.

Pulled the anchors, I'm on my way
without ceremony
wanting to be gone fast.
Set the oars and out to sea
an image comes in mind
of a world that no one can see
and it will all be mine.

Goodbye to the world.
It's feels hard to leave it all
but it's too easy to do
as the blue waves blind my sight.
The shouting lies and tear filled eyes,
I sail away for today and
hoist the sail to make it all disappear.

Sitting back, sounds of rolling waves
brings me to another time
with sunlight upon sleepy eyes
as the wind pulls the sail,
my dream world unveils
an abstract form
of reality.

A place where we can live
without suffer or tragedy
the place where we are we
and I am I.
But so long as this is fake
coming to it
is just fantasy.

Flash of lightning splits the sky
awakening my tamed domestic state,
the rain is pounding
and thunder roars
as hail falls from clouds
that turn the sea dark
to show the real world.

Wind rips off the sail,
the bow is breaking
and visions are haunting me
when the boat is floating high.
Waves turn large and tall
become gales at crashing force
flooding my individuality.

Hold onto what is left.
Faith and the mast.
My memories I have,
they're here to stay
with this sinking being,
my only life
losing who I am.

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22 Oct, 2020
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1 min
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