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Samuel Dunuton

Samuel Dunuton

By Mr. Mills

Samuel Dunuton and Magic Moss

Storagia. A magical world where wonderful creatures roam. Witches and Wizards call this there home. Dragons, goblins, trolls, you name it. Storagia was only divided into the 4 coordinates northern, eastern, southern, and western.

There once lived a king in the northern castle. This isn’t your generic fairytale. This takes place only one day after the rips. The king had 3 descendants. 2 sons and 1 daughter. His daughter was known as Bella the princess. The maiden that fell in love with Snitzel. She’s a great cook and a great sister. After Snitzel passed away I’ve been worrying about her. She seems as if she hasn’t been feeling very well. She’s been ill lately. The first son was a son named Wilbert. He was a battle mage and a prince. He was a great hero, saved many lives. He sacrificed so much. He had a wife named Gallia, and yes she was gorgeous. Then there was the last descendant of the king. Me. Samuel Dunuton. I’m not the most popular thing around Storagia. Even though I’m a prince. It’s because Wilbert revealed my secret, the secret of my identity. I wasn’t normal, I was a werewolf of Storagia.

People mistreated me as if I didn’t belong to this world. The only one I could ever look up to was my brother, Wilbert. I helped him at times and he helped me at times. Even in my years at Moonshift High, I couldn’t be accepted into society. My adventure begins in my bedroom, not the most ideal place to get things in my life to ride like untamed dragon. It was midnight. I had shifted into my werewolf form. My brown hair extended and had covered my whole body. My normal human teeth transformed into fangs. My nose became my snout. I buried my face into palms. I wish someone could help me out of the metaphorical hole that I was currently inside. That’s when I got a call on my new communication orb. It was from Wilbert. I wonder why he’d be calling this late. I accepted his call.

“Wilbert what are you doing up this late? You know I don’t like to be called at this time and you know the reasons.” I said.

“I’m sorry. I’m just really worried about you. Bella said you’ve been acting really down. I’m your brother, I’m here to support you if you need me.” Said Wilbert.

“Just go back to bed. I doubt you have anything to deal with at this time. I’m not eager to talk right now. Sorry I have to leave now, goodbye Wilbert.” I exclaimed almost regretting cancelling our conversation. I decided to lie back in my bed. I wish I weren’t a werewolf anymore. I have no one to love this way. I tried to hide from myself under my covers. If only I didn’t have to be this way. If the genetics weren’t past down to me I wouldn’t have been this way. I couldn’t sleep. I remained in this depressant state until about 3:00 in the morning. That’s about when I had cried myself to sleep. It used to be easy to handle this problem with myself, but now I feel very excluded. There are few werewolves in Storagia and I had to be one of them.

I had not woken up until later in the morning than I should’ve. No work to go to. I hadn’t had a job since that hadn’t been my main focus. I took a shower than got into my bath robes. I had transformed back into my human self. Slick brown hair and eyes that resembled sparkly water. I plunked myself down onto the couch on my small house that I could barely afford. I had a rough time paying off all the gems for this house. If only I had a better way to earn them rather than some of those random gambles which I’ll probably never mention to anyone. I had picked up the remote of the small glass table and hit the power button on TV. As soon as I turned it on I heard a knock on the door. I had almost forgotten! Me and Wilbert were headed to the potion shop today to stock up on supplies. I opened the door before I did anything else.

“Hi Wilbert. I kind of forgot about this. I guess I’ll meet you and Frostwing outside right after I get dressed.” I said. Frostwing was Wilbert’s dragon who he had had for two years now. Frostwing has sure grown. Frostwing had a wooden leg since he had lost his during the occurrence of the rips, but that’s a story for another time. He was a blue ice dragon and still managed to be the cutest dragon that I’ve ever seen. I shut my door to quickly go and get dressed. I rushed into my room and rummaged through my closet searching for my robes. I quickly took off my bath robe and put on my day time robes. I opened the door in a flash. Probably about two minutes’ tops. Wilbert had been waiting for me outside.

“Sorry about that. Are we going to take Frostwing to get there?” I asked.

“No actually. I figured Frostwing needed to rest his wings from flying so much. We’ll just walk there. I haven’t been with you for a long time Sam, this is a chance for us to finally get together again.” Explained Wilbert. We began walking to the potion shop. It was just on the border of southern Storagia.

“Sam. Why won’t you talk to me? I know you definitely having problems when your acting this way. Were brothers.” Said Wilbert.

“Okay Wilbert, I’ll finally tell you why. It’s just, I’ve been feeling lonely lately. Like I don’t belong. I wish I wasn’t a werewolf. It’s not something to be proud of. No one appreciates it.” I said.

“I wouldn’t ever want to change a single thing about you. I would rather have my brother how is forever. Even if I’m the only one who loves you, I’ll never stop. I’ll always be there for you.” Said Wilbert putting a comforting hand on my shoulder. Soon we had arrived at the potion shop. Wilbert opened the small little door and crept in. A bell rang as we had entered. Frostwing was just outside waiting until me and Wilbert had come out.

“Customer? It’s been forever since I’ve had anyone buying here.” Said the owner of the shop, Cassidy. She was a witch. I’m sure there was no master brewer better than her. At least that’s what Wilbert said.

“What do you mean Cassidy? I was just here last month.” Said Wilbert.

“That’s the last time I ever saw anyone. Is there somewhere in the mage market where people are going? Am I starting to get some real competition now?” Questioned Cassidy.

“I’m sure no one’s trying to run you into the ground.” Said Wilbert.

“Say, who’s this? It seems like a good description of that brother you mentioned to me earlier doesn’t it?” Asked Cassidy.

“Yes I would be that brother. Aside from the potions that Wilbert came here to get, I was wondering if you had a special one for me.” I said. Wilbert furrowed his eyebrow and began to question me.

“It’s personal. Can we talk in private?” I asked moving closer to Cassidy behind her front desk.

“Of course. Meet me in this room back here.” Said Cassidy. She walked into the room with me and shut the door behind us.

“I want a potion that could make me a normal Storagian citizen. I don’t want to be a werewolf anymore.” I exclaimed.

“That’s a hard one. I’ve never heard of a potion that could do anything like that.” Exclaimed Cassidy.

“You’ve got to know something to do about it. Apparently you’re the greatest witch brewer of all time.” I said. A few moments of silence past.

“I know it’s just, if I wanted this potion how would I get it?” I followed.

“Go into the enchanted forest. The purple moss that grows on tree’s. If you collect it, I may be able to make you that potion. You have to get the purple moss when it is activated though. It is activated at night and it will glow if it is. Be aware the enchanted forest is very dangerous.” Said Cassidy.

“I’m aware of the enchanted forest’s dangers. I’ll meet you back here tomorrow morning. Thanks for everything.” I said. I burst out of the room.

“You seem, eager. What’s going on Sam? What did you do?” Asked Wilbert.

“Wilbert, it’s nothing to worry about. I just to get back home so I can get ready to go.” I said. It was true that I was very eager to stop being, me. A werewolf.

Later that night I had gone into the forest to get the purple moss for Cassidy. I had brought my communication orb just in case. I was walking through the enchanted forest and it seemed as if there wasn’t any of the magic moss in plain sight. It was going to be harder to find than I thought. I had finally found a batch of trees with the glowing purple moss on them about after a half hour of searching. The trees were all bunched together.

Just before I could get the moss it happened, I had been transforming back into a werewolf again. I wasn’t going to let my physical being stop me from not being that physical being anymore. Before I could begin, I could hear some strange whispering. I could eventually see them with my werewolf night vision. They were monster hunters. Monster hunters are the worst.

They kill innocent configurations of Storagia and it’s not even illegal. Definitely a law that needed to be changed. I got down on all fours behind one of the trees to ensure that they hadn’t seen me. I slowly scraped the somewhat gross purple moss off the tree’s.

“There’s one right there!” I could hear one say in a loud whisperer. They aimed there tri-spear at me. Tri Spears fired 3 blades from the edge. They’re real powerful and if a direct hit, it will instantly kill the creature. I got as much purple moss into the small glass jar I had brought as fast as I could. I had the feeling that I wasn’t going fast enough. Even going 25 miles per hour on all fours, I was still worried about the hunters.

“Fire!” Announced the other hunter. The hunter that had been whispering earlier had shot the first bullet.


To Be Continued

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This series takes place in Storagia. The best magical world of them all.

What if the shot hits? Will Samuel still acquire the moss? Find out in the second chapter of the series.

Author Notes: In the magical world of Storagia......

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Mr. Mills
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3 Oct, 2019
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9 mins
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