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Santa’s Retirement
Santa’s Retirement

Santa’s Retirement


Once upon a time around Christmas, Santa noticed that his toy making elves were beginning to show their age by working much slower than they used to. Besides it seemed that not many children on Earth wanted the toys his helpers had always been so good at making. Computers and mobiles phones were much preferred these days. Apart from that, apprentices could not be found anywhere because the younger generations of elves were no longer interested in following in the footsteps of their elders. They preferred watching earthlings with their computer games.

When on top of all that, Mrs. Claus told Santa that her mother was coming to stay with them over Christmas, for the first time he experienced pre-Christmas stress. Well, never mind, he thought, I’ll have a look at how the reindeer are preparing themselves for the great night. Alas, they too had got too long in the tooth and lost their appetite for flying through the air, carried by the magic of Christmas, and pulling the heavy sledge with Santa and his toys. Here too replacements were hard to find because the young reindeer were more interested in moving around freely on their own. Some of them had already run away, the good Heavens alone know where to.

So the old man went to start loading his sleigh. Unfortunately, one of the floorboards had cracked and his toy bag fell through the hole scattering its contents far and wide on the ground below. That was the last straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back. Santa felt he could not cope with any more mishaps. To fortify himself he returned to the house for a glass of cider and maybe a tot of rum. For quite some time he had needed this much more frequently than in his younger days. Alas, the elves had finished the cider and Mrs Claus had hidden the rum. She hated to see Santa in a somewhat inebriated state taking the reins of his sledge.

At that moment the doorbell rang. Greatly irritated about yet another disturbance, Santa marched to the door and yanked it open. To his surprise an Angel stood before him, who greeted him with a smile and said: ‘Santa, I hope you don’t mind me calling. We have been watching you for some time and I have come to tell you that the Angelic Council on the highest level of life has decided that you have done more than enough of this kind of work. You have served humankind well and with immediate effect are going to retire.

From now on, people will have to do without you. Instead we have given them the Christmas tree as one of the many symbols for the tree of life or knowledge. The custom of cutting an evergreen and bringing it indoors is first going to be part of the Nordic Yule celebrations during the shortest and darkest days of winter. Christianity will later import this custom in the process of suppressing what they declare to be pagan religions.

Instead of bringing Christmas presents, this year you are getting one for a change. I have brought you a bottle of your favourite brand of cider and of rum. Keep them in a place where no-one can get at them. And with a ‘Cheers, Santa,’ the Angel vanished from his view.

This is how it came about that, to honour Santa and the Angels, people lay chocolate Santas wrapped in silver foil underneath their Christmas trees and hang small statues of Angels into it. With the passing of time evergreen trees and conifers in particular have become symbols for God’s eternal love that neither waxes nor wanes with the coming and going of the seasons – our world’s and our own. No matter where we are and what we get up to, this is the only kind of love that is faithful and true and never leaves us.

The Universal Christ, the only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life, with the help of the Angels and Masters of the spirit realm once brought us the Jesus legend and the message: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ Even though it was misunderstood for a long time, the meaning of this message for us and our world always has been: ‘I am the I am. I am as much part of you as you are part of Me. I am the living God within you, who knows the way of all things and the answers to all your questions. I am the truth, the love and the life within you.’ The same voice is now telling us: ‘Rejoice, beloved children of the Earth, for at present ever more of you are waking up into the awareness of their true nature and Mine. This helps them to realise that in truth they are a spark of Me and that the essence of their being is spirit and soul and therefore eternal and immortal like Me.’

To paraphrase the American journalist Charles Bishop Kuralt, 1934-1997: ‘It’s beneficial for our individual and collective mental and spiritual wellbeing to remind ourselves frequently that our whole world is not in flames and that there are people in our world besides politicians, entertainers and criminals, who are doing good things.’ And that’s how many small people in many small places doing small things can and indeed do change our world.

I am convinced there is much more goodness than evil in our world. It’s just that most of us prefer to do good things quietly in the background and therefore draw little attention. Yet, even if not many in our world can see what we are doing, God and the Angels most certainly do. Every good deed that is carried out quietly creates a credit entry in our spiritual bankbook, but ostentatious ones that are merely for publicity do not.

God bless and have a magical Christmas time.

With love and light,

* * *

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22 Dec, 2019
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