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Say What?!

Say What?!

By 1mattiepattie

Ok, Ok so they say life is like a box of chocolates, Well heres a twist to ya. Ok, it was Saturday we were having Kevin's birthday party he was turning 17. Everyone was there along with the annoying rodents in a cage. They were rats. When he was ready to blow out the candles it happened a rodent jumped right out of the cake that somehow managed to askape it's prison. And landed on his face and one of our cats Puffy no-test and climbed up his leg, bringing Kevin to the ground and having the cat scratch all over his face because it couldn't catch the rat. The rat then got away and then are dog Killer no-test and of course he was tied to grandpa Eddie's chair and ran along with the chair dragging grandpa to the lake where the rat still got away.
Well at least we haves some cake left, well whats left of it. My mom said as she picked up a chocolate chip from the cake. Uh mom, I said with little a little giggle. Thats not a chocolate chip. I giggled again. Oh by the way Kevin had to have over 123 stiches on his leg and face.

Ok, now this was on Monday. It was school and everything seemed normal. The kids were laughing and bullies were being bullies. But one thing cought my eye. It was a new kid he was standing in the middle of a crowd butt naked. I ran over and he said, I know i'm naked but you know when you have those dreams where your naked and people are loughing at you. Well this is just a dream. I was going to tell him this was reality not a dream but I just couldn't help myself. I began to lough with all the others. When it was last period of the day. My freinds were all talking about the hot guy that moved here resently. Sarah isn't he cute? Sindey asked me.
I said yeah of course. Everyone was gossiping about him including the guys, but not in a good way. then there was a new kid that was introduced to us his name was Eric. When Eric saw the hot guy him and the hot guy kissed. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! the girls began to say at the one that kissed him. Hey why don't you all shut up he's taken. Now that was weird today I thout as I walked home.

So today was thursday, school was off and we were all at the park. My freinds Dave and turisa was there.
We hung out for quite awhile till Dave decided to climb a tree and of course after he took his crazy pill.
Hey you guys look like ant's from up here!!! He yelled. Tourisa roled her eye's and said those are ant's ya nimrod. OHHHHHHHHHH..... Dave said from looking over the ant hill wich if you dont know he wasn't even in the tree. Wow hey tourisa your blue. he said as he then past out in the mud.

Well thats that please Comment and rate and I will make more funny little stories based off of Say What.

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13 Feb, 2013
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2 mins
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