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1mattiepattie is from US United States • 21 y/o

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21 Jan, 2013
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Latest Stories by 1mattiepattie

Say What?!
They say life is a like a box of chocolates but the question is. IS IT? Find out in this funny little story.
2 mins
Words: 533
Read Time: 2 mins
Starlight Chapter 1- My Life
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live forever? Have you ever wanted to fall in love with a myth of legends? Well I did. My name is Star and i'm in love with a Vampire. This is my story
3 mins
Words: 721
Read Time: 3 mins
X-Blades Resolution Episode 1- A day is lost
Welcome to X-Blades Resolution this anime series. Story So Far- 7,000 years ago in a land full of mist and magic. there lied battles of monsters called Ra. you see a person known as man can tame a mig
4 mins
Words: 971
Read Time: 4 mins