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Starlight Chapter 1- My Life

Starlight Chapter 1- My Life

By 1mattiepattie

They say love is like a dream but in truth it's more than a dream. I always loved vampires ever since I was a little girl. I would always dream of a vampire named Rain, I remember seeing his elegant posture and features his long black hair and his pale face that glistened in the moonlight. He always called my name Star. He was also tall and had yellow eye's but it was fool of kindness. I woke up realizing it was a dream, but later on I met a actual vampire named Rain. He knew my name and he even looked the same as in my dream. Thats when I realized it was no mere dream but a mere reality.


Good morning Star how was your sleep? I heard my mom say as I was finally visible from coming down the stairs. I said, good and then sat down thinking about last night. Last night my love came to visit me and I just cuddled in his arms and we spoke. We kissed now and then but I never left his arms.

Sweetie are you going to eat? I heard a voice come in my mind. Oh! sorry mom I was just thinking. I replied trying not to give to much info. You see my mom doesn't know I have a boyfriend nor does she no I have a vampire boyfriend. She doesn't believe in this stuff like I do. So what were you thinking about? she asked.
I just picked up my fork and said, I was thinking about dad why hasn't he returned? I lied to her but I was also telling the truth because I have been having my dad on my mind lately. My mom just sat there, I knew she was trying to fight back tears I could just see it in her green eye's. I just remained siting there and let the question go. Sorry mom. I told her. My mom did not say a word so we ate in silence.

12:00 PM

Hey star how was your day? My friend Belina said as she came thru the door. Good how was yours? I replied as I closed the front door after Aden came in. It was g- She was saying till she got cut off by Aden.
Aden swung around and said Guess what!!? Adan said in a high pitch squeal. I then heard Belina say, HERE WE GO!. I got in the art class in bethmum art studio!! he said followed by another high pitch squeal.
I just stood there acting like I was excited but in reality I wasn't. Good for you! Belina yelled at Aden.
Aden then bared his fangs at her. Yep you guessed it Aden's a vampire. So is Belina.
as they both bared fangs at each other I decided to go upstairs to my room. I started to walk up the stairs when I had a gut feeling that Rain was here. And sure anoff he was as I finally Reached my room. Hey angel he said in his dark deep voice. as he came and kissed me. Hey Rain. I said I was pretty surprised to see him here with my friends over. What your here why? I playfully asked. He stood there with a now serious look on his face.
You need to be careful Star it's starting to get dangerous. He said as he looked out the window.
I was about to ask what till I heard a Howl in the background. I then realised Werewolves must be in town.
Like I said I would be careful and be careful at who you talk to, they could get you as simple as that.
Ok, I replied as I was going to kiss him but he already left out the window.

7:00 PM

Ok guys time too go. I said as I opened the front door. Belina said ok and began to walk out, but Aden said WHYYYYYYYYYYY........? I just roled my eye's and pointed out the door. Ok, Aden said after 5 minutes of conversating. After they left out of sight I saw someone outside in the front lawn thats when I heard the howl and I closed the door as quick as I could and went to bed thinking. This is getting dangerous.

To Continue......

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22 Jan, 2013
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3 mins
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