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X-Blades Resolution Episode 1- A day is lost

X-Blades Resolution Episode 1- A day is lost

By 1mattiepattie

Riiiiiinnnngggg, Rinnnnnnggg, rrrrii-BANG!!!!!!!! it's morning already? I said as I slowly got out of bed.
Ok now first things first clothes and m------AWWWWWWw!!! CRASH I began to say till I was rudely interuppted as I slipped on a wet spot on the floor. I then slowly got up and saw the little spot of wet and looked over across the room and saw JJ my little bulldog siting looking guilty. JJ did you have too. I said as I looked at JJ in the eyes. JJ just sat there but gave a little wimper. I turned around and looked at my room, boy was it a mess.
My shoes were piled on top of one another in my closet along with my underwear and shirts scattered across the wooden floor and boy was I not so happy when I saw my white tee with a yellow spot in the middle.
I then decided it was time to train my dog but first I need to get to school. So I got some clothes that were clean and put them on. I began to walk out the door till I forgot my Ra. I went inside got my Ra and headed to school.

School, 7:00 AM

Hey you leave him alone!! I yelled at Akita with my fists balled up. Awww.... Akita said when he turned around and looked at me. What is a brat like you gonna do about it! Akita said as he had a smirk planted on his face. Just leave him alone!!! I yelled again. Look Yuri don't worry about me just leave. Kye said as he began to shake in fear at what might happen. You see Akita thinks he's all that but in truth he actuely is. Akita is a level 6 and i'm a level 4 at battling with my Ra. Akita is 15 with a big mouth and I know just how to shut him up!!
Let's Battle Akita. I said planely. Ha, you against me, Ha don't make me lough you little ANT!!! He said with a are you serious look on his face. I just stood there with my hand out revealing a shiny blue crystal ready to fight. A.K.A thats my Ra. you ready to lose then Yuri because it's obvious whose going to win. Akita then spit on the ground after he said it and boy it wasn't a good sign eather. I just doubled his anger.
Here we go!!!

BATTLE!!!! we both yelled.

Snither I summon you come forth. Akita said as a shine of dark magic apeared on the field, revealing Snither.
Snither is a demon and boy is he strong everyone lost against him and snither.

Snither 4,000 Ba
Akita- 8,000 LP

Ok lets go Yunn I summon you and lets beat this demon. I said with a smile on my face but I knew I would probably lose. My monster was a white dragon and full of heart unlike the cold reptile looking demon Snither.

Yunn 1,000 Ba
Yuri- 8,000 LP

I'll go first Snither Attack with black razor claws!! Akita said with anger as I saw my monster then be severly hurt and back away from snither as soon as he recovered but wasn't fast to anoff. Akita then said now Snither quick attack!!! Akita the pointed at Yunn. Snither Attacked like a bolt. As soon as it happened I was too late.

Yunn 1,000
Yuri- 2,000

Mhahahaha, you call that a Ra with that little Ba he can't do nothin he's pathetic a piece of trash thats what it is and if i were you I would throw it away oh wait let me do that for you!!!! MHahahahahaha....!!!!

Ok Yunn we might lose but at least were trying. I tried to reasure yunn with my words but Yunn wasn't doing to well.

Ok now snither attack while their not looking!!!! HA!!! RRRRRRGGGGGG I heard a loud roar and then it was over Yunn couldn't take the battle it was just to hard to fight. I then to out the crystal and commanded yunn to return. Yunn did as he was told.

Well well looks like I win, your little dragon was sqoushed man he realy didn't want to finish now did he.
your monster yunn just couldn't handle the power of pure darkness. Come return snither! Akita said as his monster then returned.

2:00 PM schools over

Man I'm beat. my freind Chris said as he wiped swet off of his pale face. Why are you beat your not the one that lost to Akita this morning.? Sara said as sh was twirling her blonde hair. I just watched their conversasion that began to come to an argument. Ok you know what Nag nag nag thats all I hear!!!! Sara yelled at Chris. Well well-Weelll....?? Chris acted like he had nothing to say. I saw sara turn red and have horns start to grow. Thats it!!!!! Sara yelled as she threw a punch in chris's face. I then had to step in. Guys just cut it out ok don't argue. I tried as best as I could but failed so I decided to leave them and head to my house.

2:55 PM House

Hey sweetie how was you day? My mom said as I walked thru the door. I just stomped up the stairs and headed to my now nice and neat room. I set my Ra down and got in my pajamas and went to bed.

Meanwhile, oakland church.

Finaly you come to me Akita win any battles. My master said. Yes my master. I began to fiddle with my thums for I have no idea what reason. Listen Akita I have a job for you. my master said. Bring me the 8 Ra's of power all of them. and show thier tamers no mercy. Yes my master as you wish.

To Continue......

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21 Jan, 2013
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4 mins
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