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Telephone. The worlds worst game ever invited. But yet there I was sitting at a table with a message that never got passed my way. My name is Alaska May, and I go to Prim Day public school. And somehow I got myself into a game of gossiping telephone.

It all started when some one yelled "I'm going to start a game of telephone!'. No no no I thought. Just being at a table meant for 10 people but barely managed to fit 12 girls in gave me anxiety. Everyone had their lunches spread out while I held my Styrofoam lousy school lunch as close as I could to my chest. They started of with simple messages like"theres a cute blond outside" or "look at Tiffany jacket its soooo out". But then the messages ended right before they got to me. Its ok I thought but it wasn't. All around me was a sea of concealed murmuring and hidden snickers,death glares,and I cant belive it looks on their faces.

I raised my hand to go to the bathroom and when I left the laughter grew and I could hear my name being said at least a thousand times in conversations. I wished that the day would end already. Once I got to the bathroom I fled to a stall and cried a waterfall. I didn't care if anyone heard me or saw me. I didn't lock the stall door, or even try to hide my tears and feelings I just poured them all out there on the bathroom floor.

About 5 minutes later I heard footsteps. oh great their here to make me feel even worse I thought to myself. But it wasn't the homeroom girls it was someone else that came into my stall. Her name was Heaven Grace. She wore dark brown lace up hiking boots, medium wash jeans with a black and white polka-dot shirt with a over sized maroon cardigan, she had white tumbler style glasses and wore her brunette hair in a side braid leaving her short bangs in the front of face with little wisps of hair everywhere. "hey there I saw you walk out to the bathroom broken hearted are you ok?" she asked hinting to the dried mascara streaks and puffy red nose I had. "um ya it's just the girls at my homeroom were giving me a rough time" I said "what brings you to the bathroom?". "just checking to see if you were all right,you looked really sad and I could kinda tell that something was bugging you" Heaven said. And right then and there I made my first true friend and I was happy. Really truly happy.

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29 Jan, 2017
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