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Secrets Chapter Eight
Secrets Chapter Eight

Secrets Chapter Eight

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Storm's POV

"Are you jealous?" I asked him.

He was annoyed, I was blushing.


"Why are you blushing," he asked me.

He was worried.

"Because your adorable," I told him as we cuddled.

"Me or him,"


"Me or him storm," he repeated himself.

"I-I don't know yet.." I answered.

"Then I don't know about us yet," he said his voice serious.

"Pack your stuff up and go to Utah," he told me.

Tears stung the back of my eyes.

"Your no better than him," I managed to get out my mouth.

"Says the one who found someone else,"

In five minutes I was on the doorstep of Utah's dorm. Knocking loudly.

Utah's POV

"Storm?" I asked her so damn confused.

She looked pissed and sad, and depressed.

But I still love her.

She hugged me sobbing into my chest.

Repeating over and over, I forgive you.

All I could do was kiss her head and tell her it was all right.

But she kissed me instead.

"I miss you sometimes," she finally said our lips still very close

"I do too," I whispered in her ear.

"Can I stay here?" she asked as I was slowly taking her to the bed,

"You can live her..yeah," I said right before we did it.

Storm's POV

"Why didn't you wanna do it two years ago?" he asked me as he smelled my hair.

"I wanted to do it with you," I started, "but I wasn't in the mood at that specific time," she said hugging my torso.

"I'm sorry," he said with his voice breaking, "For everything, cheating in all even making you do it," he said with his voice breaking as he said each new word.

I kissed him, I kissed him forever.

He pulled me on top of him without breaking our lips apart.

"I love you," he said gently as we grasped for air.

I kissed him in response.

I didn't want this to end.

Author Notes: So if you guys read the last thing I posted. You are very lucky that I posted today.
If it get approved late do not worry about that. But if it doesn't please take these rules into the act.

Anyway loveee

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9 Apr, 2020
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