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Secrets Chapter Five
Secrets Chapter Five

Secrets Chapter Five

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Storm's POV

I stormed out of the room.

Tokyo tried to talk to me, so did Candy and Ashy.

But I needed to be alone.

All that was in my head was that smirk on Melanie's face.

I went to my friend outside, of what I like to call, "Our little group"


She was beautiful, and young.

Everything I'm not.

"Hey Stormy," she said casually,

she was with Dustin.

Her mans.

"Hey Ray," I hated her asking me what was wrong, so I was forced to talk to her.

Thankfully my voice was strong.

Unthankfully Tokyo found me.

Toyko's POV (yes he is that special)

I found her in Raegan's dorm room.

But I washed my mouth with bleach before that.

"Can I talk to her alone Ray?" I asked,

she said yes of course.

"You know I love only you,"

I started.

She was upset.

We both were.

I held her tight.

"Fine." she started, "I forgive you,"

I was happy.

But I knew she was still a little upset.

But the only thing that I knew that would cheer her up was some food.

Storm's POV

He took me to this sushi Ramen place,

we were forced to eat inside because it was stormy, (no pun intended)

I ordered the spicy seafood ramen, while Tokyo got the regular ramen bowl.

Both with two extra-large sides of their boat of cooked seafood with extra ginger, eel sauce and wasabi.

"Are you sure you're fine," he asked worried as we waited on the food.

I leaned over the table and kissed him.

He had a smirk on his face.

"After we eat," I told him.

~The next day~

I woke up next to knocked out and snoring.

I kissed his head and took a bath.

Then changed in some skirt overalls with my "Anti-social social club" T-shirt.

By the time I did my brows and put my base on, I got on my white customed designed Gucci tennis.

When I was done Tokyo was up.

I brushed my hair and but in into two tight side braids.

I then waited in Tokyo when I was done with my edges.

"You look adorable," he told me, with a kiss.

~After school~

Candy, Raegan, Ashy and I went to a burger join in downtown New York.

It was crowded.

And actually surprisingly hot, because Tokyo made me change before I went out with them.

Tracksuit with a crop top pull over.

Even though I still had stares toward me.

When I was waiting on the girls in the washroom, a cute boy came up to me and we chatted for a while.

Then he gave me his number.

Author Notes: Okay so I'm thinking, about writing after they finish college.
*smack smack*
Shout out for all those who read my story, and those who legit beg me for writing longer ones.
And also google for some stupid reason.
I did not know if there was a skirt overalls.

There are those ones that don't have the part where your chest is covered, just the straps.
And shout out to all my friends and imaginary ones too.
Because I have more of those than real ones.
Happy Quarantine!

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6 Apr, 2020
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