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Secrets Chapter Six
Secrets Chapter Six

Secrets Chapter Six

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Storm's POV

His name was Alec.

Normally I would give the numbers these guys give me to Tokyo, but

he was all right.

The same age as Tokyo, maybe taller.

When Tokyo was in the shower I quickly texted him on my phone.

He responded as soon as I hit send.

He went to a different college in Queens.

The only problem was, the college I was in was located in Harlem.

Which is 10 miles on car.

"Who are you texting?" Tokyo asked, surprisingly.

"Noone important," I answered a little too quickly.

was this cheating?

"Just a person I met today when the girls were in the bathroom," I continued.

I didn't want to give him the bad idea of me moving on.

Him thinking Alec was better than him.

Was he?

"So it's a he?" I was just leading Tokyo on to get him more worried.

Something I didn't want to happen, not now. Not ever.

"Do you have a picture?" he asked like he was about to take my phone any second.

"No," I told him, "He's just a friend Tokyo," I assured him.

"If he'd look like trouble you know I would have given his number to you," I told him, trying to calm him down.

"If you say so," he said as he kissed me.

Alec' POV(so sorry for anyone who ships Storm and Tokyo :>)

I texted her all day long.

She had to be a model.

But she was in Harlem in College trying to get a Major in History and a Minor in English to become a lawyer.


Sure she has a boyfriend, but that wasn't stopping me from my goal.

Make her mine.

Her friends were nice too,



Especially Raegan.

Who was teasing us to their dorms.

"Look at these two love birds,"

Was the only words that came out of her mouth.

I would've tried to hug her or make a move, but Candy was eyeing me.

Very closely.

I still have a chance.

She showed me a photo of this Tokyo.

Me compared to him.

I win.

By a long shot.

Tokyo's POV

I hate him.

As soon as I hear that damn name of his.


It just sounds evil.

But I don't let it phase me.

I'm her's.

No matter what happens I still love her.

No matter what.

Storm's POV

I threw on my skinny strapped Bad Luck shirt, with my long army pants and some combat boots.

I decided to let my newly dyed black hair out, since it got longer.

Then saw Tokyo wrestling someone outside our dorms...

Author Notes: So I made the cover, honestly, I had to look for something that was a good size for this site.
I had to settle on a wedding invitation template, then take the background out add the mountains and then put the words.

So being all anti-social is nice actually.

It's making me realize how much I dislike people in general.

Not affecting me at ALLL.

But how are you guys doing?

I feel like Tokyo dislikes Alec because his name is so boring.



Which is better lemme know!

So Raegan is gonna be apart of the story more in this!

Happy Cornteen :>

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8 Apr, 2020
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2 mins
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