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Secrets (Prologue)
Secrets (Prologue)

Secrets (Prologue)

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Lisa was once a promising girl, but something changed in her recently. Little did I know her problems would become mine, and that a reckless girl like me would have something in common with the perfect Lisa Burban. It alters our little farming community, and so unprepared we were.

The sun had just appeared over the Eastern hills of our community when the roosters started to crow. Everyone shot out of their beds like the world would end if they dozed in their cots any longer. The day started unusually quiet today. The crops were almost ready for harvest like usual, but down at the last pasture there was no movement.

The house belonged to the Burban's. It was the biggest house in the community, yet the poorest. No one paid attention to the quietness that day, but I noticed it right away. Lisa Burban never showed up at school that day or the days to follow. Was I the only one to apprehend the situation?

Surely enough I quickly found out that I wasn't the only one to wonder about Lisa. Everyone in the school knew it was quite strange for her to disappear. Jonathan Green was worried about Lisa, and there was no hiding it. Everyone in school was aware due to his frequent questioning of the institute. He also has a crush on Lisa Burban, so everyone saw it coming.

I knew Lisa ever since elementary school and knew better than anyone something was wrong. Our families have known each other for so long we tried to do our harvest and there's when they fell behind. It just meant more work for me, so I wasn't too happy about it.

The Burban's never went out of there scheduling especially during festival season. Alarms went off in my head at that moment, I remembered. Lisa was always a troubled child. Everyone always looked at her for corrections and nagged if she ever stepped out of line from there expectations. I recall one of the last conversations I had with her... it wasn't a good one.

"Mireya, Mireya" Lisa squealed.

"What is it Lisa," I asked sitting on the fence between our pastures.

"I have something to tell you. It's an emergency."

"What is it? What's wrong?"

It was unusual for Lisa to not ignore me unless something had happened. I was only her friend when she needed me, and I was completely ok with that. If people where to find the bad girl hanging out with the good girl they would think I was turning her evil.

"I can't tell you anything in specific; however, someone needs to know. I trust you enough to keep all my imperfect secrets, but this one is different. Something terrible is about to happen," Lisa announced.

I just stood there in shock unable to mutter a sound. Lisa Burban trusted me to keep a secret, and it's a warning?

"I mean it this is important for you to remember. Promise me you won't forget."

"I promise," I said unsure on what was happening.

" Take this and read it in your room. Don't let anyone see it. I must go now. Don't forget me."


The dinner bell rang that night, and I never looked at the note. When I remembered it I ran home, upstairs, and to my bedside table where the message was. It read:

One day soon I'm going to stop coming to school, and the crops will be unattended. If I don't return in a week break into my house. Go upstairs to my room. Move the bookshelf with fifty-six books in it. Behind there is a pathway under the house. Be careful not to make noise once you reach the bottom. Don't touch anything you see, and if you hear anything hide immediately. Avoid all the vents, but remember to be cautious. There will be a Red door at the end of the room directly across from the stairs. Go there first. Inside you will find only a locked box. Use the charm I gave you as a key it's a perfect fit. Inside you'll discover the music box. It's the magical one with our favorite tune. Don't play the music inside. A piece of paper will be underneath it. Bring four others that you trust, but NO adults.

The supper bell rang, so I had to brush the tears from my eyes and get ready for tomorrow. If she didn't show up tomorrow six people from our school would go missing. I decided I would bring Jonathan Green, Manex Costa, Fren Hachric, and Sarah Hismin. I tried sleeping that night, but it didn't help much. Her note haunted my dreams.

In the morning I ran to school without eating breakfast. When I got to the institute, they were waiting for me. I told them about the note and the plan. They surprisingly agreed to meet up after school. Fren's parents were out of town, so the arrangement was to have a "sleepover" at his place, then sneak over to the Burban's.

I didn't tell them about the danger they were in, or the little details I thought was unnecessary. The day seemed longer than usual as night grew closer. I was so deep in thought I didn't comprehend anything we went over that day.

As the last class grew near my stomach started to turn, without realizing it I went a whole day with no food. My stomach started roaring during class. They sent me home for the last ten minutes of school. I ate a big dinner then went to my room to pack. I told my parents I was going to Fern's place for a bit. They were always considerate over everything I did, and they let me do as I pleased when the chores got done.

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't tell my parents I was breaking into my friend's house on a dangerous mission. They would think I'm insane, and wouldn't let me leave the house. I had a choice to help my "friend" or stay home with my parents. Lisa knew it was average for me to be in danger with my comrades. She asked for them to join me in this quest. Sometimes I wonder why she came to me, and why the note read "NO adults." I never looked it over though. They would've called the police with there blaring sirens, and cause a ruckus.

On the way to Fern’s house I could hear the sweet tune of a mockingjay. They were so beautiful, until I reached Lisa’s home. When I got there the mockingjays disappeared. It was quiet. Suddenly out of the silence their cracking door opened. I turned to the door to see nothing there. I glared for a bit but moved on to Fern’s.

Fern’s estate was next to Lisa’s, so it was a good idea to meet there. My house is closer; however, my parents would know somethings up if we all show up. I made an alarming discovery when I got there. I never expected this from Fern ever in my life time, but indeed he sold us out. His parents were home, and everyone was hiding waiting for Fern. What we heard was alarming.

“They’re bad kids,” his father said.

“I can’t believe this,” his mother said heading inside.

“Please it won’t be for long we’re only seeing if it’s true,” Fern said.

“I said NO and that's final.”

“I hate you-”

Fern was smacked off the porch with his words. We all stayed quiet and glanced at one another. I couldn’t tell if we were surprised he got hit, or that he sold us out like that. We stayed in the bushes while his father continued to yell.

“You’re a disgrace to this family. Don’t you know you’re place in here boy. If you keep this up for much longer I’ll send ya off to that camp. Do you want that? Well do ya? I’m the only man in this house, so how dare you raise your voice at me. Get out of my sight your pathetic.”

His father stomped inside and slammed it behind him. When we looked back at Fern he was crying, and by then I had enough. I signaled the others to comfort him, and head to Lisa’s place while I stayed back. I could tell by the look on their faces they weren’t happy with the call, but they knew it had to be done. They were mad at them just as much as me. I waited till they were out of sight and the cries couldn’t be heard. At that moment I grabbed the biggest rock around and threw it into the window.

“What do you want,” I heard Fern’s father scream exiting his home.

“What is wrong with you,” I responded glaring at him.

“There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“Oh yes there is. What kind of person slaps their son off the stairs and tells him he’s pathetic. You’re a terrible person.”

“How dare you tell me how to raise my son. He ain’t yours so stay outta it.”

“He’s my friend. You know them good-for-nothings are me and my gang. So ya made it my business. You got no right to do this to your kid. He’s a better person than you’ll ever be.”

This comment made him aggressive. He darted down the stairs full speed. His wife had just reached the door. When he hit me his wife screamed and dragged him inside to give him a stern talking.

I used this as a good time to get away, but not before I got some cookies from her. She didn’t like me, but to apologize for her husband's behavior she baked them up. She asked me not to speak about this to anyone, and I humbly agreed. I took the cookies and headed towards my house. I stopped at Lisa’s house and motioned for everyone to head inside.

I froze momentarily in shock. The Burban’s door is closed. When I walked to Fern’s house I could’ve sworn it was open, and no one was there. This was indeed strange, but I chose to overlook it. I regretted this a few hours later though.

Author Notes: I'm replacing Forgotten with Secrets because the book wasn't working out for me, and I plan on getting this book published if possible. I ask for any suggestions on my book and I wanna know if anyone can guess the ending. Good luck and thank you!

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25 Mar, 2019
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