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Secrets~All Chapters in One
Secrets~All Chapters in One

Secrets~All Chapters in One

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Storm's POV

"Melanie!" Ashy shouted, they were both my best friends.

Melanie was more of the crazy girly version of me,

"Shouting so quietly won't make her hear you," I told ashy sarcastically.

Part of me didn't like Melanie. Not. At. All.

But ashy gets sensitive for crazy reasons sometimes.

I have taken her to therapy about this, but the therapist said it might be hormones.

After a million trials of shouting Mel finally came to the tree we were under.

I moved my short black to gray wavy hair out of my face.

"I'm gonna go for ice-cream," I told them trying to avoid Melanie, shouting and tons of attention rolling in on me.

And as predicted, she started shouting, heads turned and I wish I brought my black hoodie to cover up my shame.

I scratched my arm where my Hawaiian tribe tattoo was and pulled my mini fluffy skirt down so no one will get thirsty.

I then ordered two rocky roads double scooped since I only had the money for two. Ashy and I.

But then I couldn't believe what I then saw.

Storm's POV

Utah cheating on me again,

I am not hurt.

I knew this day would come.

The ice cream drippings made my hand cold.

I licked my hand then scrolled through my contacts and found Utah.

Turn around

I texted him.

I saw him fumble to get his phone out.

But when he turned around we fumbled and swore when I waved at him.

I mouthed were over and started to head back where Ashy and crazy Melanie were.

I felt relieved and happy.

When I got there I saw Candy and Tokyo.

Well I saw Melanie trying to flirt with Tokyo while Candy was gagging her head off.

When I saw down, on the blanket next to Tokyo -while kicking Melanie away from him- I kissed his cheek as he licked some on my ice-cream.

As soon as I did that Mel's face went white with shame.

I handed Ashy her ice-cream while she and candy shared.

"Where is mine," Melanie asked, with shame, envy, and attitude written on over her.

"If you could afford red bottom heels, Gucci and all the other stuff you buy, you can afford your ice-cream," I told her, as Tokyo licked the ice-cream off my hand.

She raged off the mat almost tripping in her heels.

"Drama Queen," I said as Ashy and Candy left.

Tokyo and I finished our ice-cream, he then pinned me to the ground as we started to make out.

When we gasped for air, I told him Utah and I broke up.

"I'm happy for you Stormy," he told me as he kissed my cheek.

"Soooo, are we official?" I asked him,

Of course, he said yes.

This is college life.

The best life anyone can wish for.

Storms POV

As Tokyo and I were walking to History class, we ran into Melanie and her depressed-looking boyfriend.

"Why do you hate me," Mel asked like she was about to slap me.

Correction, if she could.

“Is it that obvious?” I asked her while Tokyo and her boyfriend snorted.

Then her boyfriend, Wally looked me up and down, then sized Tokyo up.

“Hey shortie,” he started, before he could take my hand Tokyo kissed me.

“I’m sorry,” Tokyo started sarcastically, “But this beauty is mine,”

I stuck up the finger to both of them then Tokyo and I walked away.

The next day

Storms POV

Since Tokyo and I bribed the dean of the college into letting him and I share a dorm,

I decided to wear some ripped black skinny jeans with my wedged heel black tennis and my

baseball jersey Tokyo got me.

“All this for me?” Tokyo asked sarcastically referring to my clothes.

“Keep lying to yourself,” I told him as we went to pick up Ashy.

I knocked on her dorm door, but there was no answer.

I knocked again.

Still nothing.

I got the spare key, only Candy, Tokyo and I knew it was under the mat.

When I unlocked the door, I saw Candy and Ashy making out.

“MY SHIP HAS SAILED,” Tokyo and I both shouted.

I guess you can say we get a little crazy sometimes.

But then I heard a noise like a gunshot.

Tokyo got shot.

Storms' POV

With a water gun of course.

Noah was behind us, with his boy.


My math teacher.

Noah who was my cousin doesn't know his boyfriend is into me.

Not him.

I decided to make carter a little jelly, so I kissed Tokyo's cheek and cuddled him.

Just as I was about to say something, Melanie came into the room.

Being myself I dragged Toyko out of the room saying we were gonna be late for our English exam.

But then, Mel yanked Tokyo and kissed em.


Storm's POV

I stormed out of the room.

Tokyo tried to talk to me, so did Candy and Ashy.

But I needed to be alone.

All that was in my head was that smirk on Melanie's face.

I went to my friend outside, of what I like to call, "Our little group"


She was beautiful, and young.

Everything I'm not.

"Hey Stormy," she said casually,

she was with Dustin.

Her mans.

"Hey Ray," I hated her asking me what was wrong, so I was forced to talk to her.

Thankfully my voice was strong.

Unthankfully Tokyo found me.

Toyko's POV (yes he is that special)

I found her in Raegan's dorm room.

But I washed my mouth with bleach before that.

"Can I talk to her alone Ray?" I asked,

she said yes of course.

"You know I love only you,"

I started.

She was upset.

We both were.

I held her tight.

"Fine." she started, "I forgive you,"

I was happy.

But I knew she was still a little upset.

But the only thing that I knew that would cheer her up was some food.

Storm's POV

He took me to this sushi Ramen place,

we were forced to eat inside because it was stormy, (no pun intended)

I ordered the spicy seafood ramen, while Tokyo got the regular ramen bowl.

Both with two extra-large sides of their boat of cooked seafood with extra ginger, eel sauce and wasabi.

"Are you sure you're fine," he asked worried as we waited on the food.

I leaned over the table and kissed him.

He had a smirk on his face.

"After we eat," I told him.

~The next day~

I woke up next to knocked out and snoring.

I kissed his head and took a bath.

Then changed in some skirt overalls with my "Anti-social social club" T-shirt.

By the time I did my brows and put my base on, I got on my white customed designed Gucci tennis.

When I was done Tokyo was up.

I brushed my hair and but into two tight side braids.

I then waited in Tokyo when I was done with my edges.

"You look adorable," he told me, with a kiss.

~After school~

Candy, Raegan, Ashy and I went to a burger join in downtown New York.

It was crowded.

And surprisingly hot, because Tokyo made me change before I went out with them.

Tracksuit with a crop top pull over.

Even though I still had stares toward me.

When I was waiting on the girls in the washroom, a cute boy came up to me and we chatted for a while.

Then he gave me his number.

Storm's POV

His name was Alec.

Normally I would give the numbers these guys give me to Tokyo, but

he was all right.

The same age as Tokyo, maybe taller.

When Tokyo was in the shower I quickly texted him on my phone.

He responded as soon as I hit send.

He went to a different college in Queens.

The only problem was, the college I was in was located in Harlem.

Which is 10 miles on car.

"Who are you texting?" Tokyo asked, surprisingly.

"Noone important," I answered a little too quickly.

was this cheating?

"Just a person I met today when the girls were in the bathroom," I continued.

I didn't want to give him the bad idea of me moving on.

Him thinking Alec was better than him.

Was he?

"So it's a he?" I was just leading Tokyo on to get him more worried.

Something I didn't want to happen, not now. Not ever.

"Do you have a picture?" he asked like he was about to take my phone any second.

"No," I told him, "He's just a friend Tokyo," I assured him.

"If he'd look like trouble you know I would have given his number to you," I told him, trying to calm him down.

"If you say so," he said as he kissed me.

Alec' POV(so sorry for anyone who ships Storm and Tokyo :>)

I texted her all day long.

She had to be a model.

But she was in Harlem in College trying to get a Major in History and a Minor in English to become a lawyer.


Sure she has a boyfriend, but that wasn't stopping me from my goal.

Make her mine.

Her friends were nice too,



Especially Raegan.

Who was teasing us to their dorms.

"Look at these two love birds,"

Was the only words that came out of her mouth.

I would've tried to hug her or make a move, but Candy was eyeing me.

Very closely.

I still have a chance.

She showed me a photo of this Tokyo.

Me compared to him.

I win.

By a long shot.

Tokyo's POV

I hate him.

As soon as I hear that damn name of his.


It just sounds evil.

But I don't let it phase me.

I'm her's.

No matter what happens I still love her.

No matter what.

Storm's POV

I threw on my skinny strapped Bad Luck shirt, with my long army pants and some combat boots.

I decided to let my newly dyed black hair out, since it got longer.

Then saw Tokyo wrestling someone outside our dorms...

Storm's POV

He was wrestling Utah,

Tokyo had a busted lip and a bloody nose.

While Utah looked like my dad almost killed him.

Which is basically...


"What the hell are you two doing," I shouted,

"Why are you with him," Utah spoke, right before Tokyo punched him.

"That's enough Tokyo," I told him, with my voice stern.

"Why don't you tell him about that fun time we had two years ago,"

he said.

I was as pale as a sheet.

Never thinking this conversation would come up again.

Two years ago(this is how Storm is telling Tokyo)

"Come here shortie,"

Utah told me,

I didn't want to.

But I also didn't another mark on my wrist.

So I made my way over to him.

I sat on his lap.

Like I use to do when we were in love.

"Let's go next level," he'd whisper into my ears.

I said no.

Like the last thirty times he asked.

"I'm not asking you," he said hands around my body tight, "I'm telling you,"

Storm's POV (present)

"I'm going to kill him," Tokyo shouted.

Utah ran, like a tiger hunting its food.

Like a coward almost.

Tokyo hugged me tightly, I'm so so sorry babe,"

He started, "I didn't know, I wasn't there for you, but I was checking you out instead," he was on the verge of tears, "I should've asked where you got that mark on your wrist," he said.

He was crying.

All I could do was tell him I was okay, and it's not his fault.

But you don't always have words.

Not like you have feelings.

So instead I kissed him.

Like there was no tomorrow.

~The next day~

Sadly tomorrow came.

We did it.

I was tangled up in him as he cuddled me.

His tattoo was visible on his muscular bicep.

Chinese symbol for love, and the Hawaiian word for Storm.

愛 'Ino

It was an off day, Saturday.

The best day, where I could stay with Tokyo.


As he woke up, I kissed his tattoo slowly.

"Morning precious," he told me as out lips played tug of war.

"Morning," I told him, as I hugged his torso In the bed.

I felt his muscles electrify, as he kissed my head.

There was a knock on our door.

11:00 A.M

Who would be knocking on our door?

Tokyo told me to get my robe on since we still weren't done.

It was Noah.

With tears streaming down his face.

He hugged me tightly.

"He said he was into you more," he managed to get out his mouth.

"He was never gay," he told me letting out a louder sob.

"It's okay," Tokyo said, obviously jealous of how tight Noah was hugging me.

Especially since I only had on a robe.

Noah suddenly hugged Tokyo too.

"Awwe," was the only words that came out of my mouth.

"I'll go now," Noah said, "I'll text you later Stormy," he told me feeling a lot better.

"Now where were we," Tokyo said as he picked me up.

Alec's POV

I heard strange noises coming from her dorm.

Yes there could be many reasons for that.

But...I'm horny.

I knocked on the door several times.

"Wrong room," it was her voice.

her calm soothing voice.

"It's Alec," I replied

I heard shuffling.

I hid the teddy bear and flowers behind my back just in case it was Tokyo.

"Listen-" he was cut short by Storm herself coming to the door.

"Oh Alec," she said to her dismay, "I was just about to hit the shower, you came just in time," she told me, with her face looking like a tomato.

"I just wanted to drop a little present for you since I won't be in town on your birthday," I told her as I gave her the roses and black and white stuffed bear.

"Awww," she said in her soft tone, "Thanks so much, but I have to go," she told me.

"See you later?" I asked, she quickly nodded her head.

A Quick feeling of relief dawned over me.

Especially when I saw Tokyo's face.

Storm's POV

"Are you jealous?" I asked him.

He was annoyed, I was blushing.


"Why are you blushing," he asked me.

He was worried.

"Because your adorable," I told him as we cuddled.

"Me or him,"


"Me or him storm," he repeated himself.

"I-I don't know yet.." I answered.

"Then I don't know about us yet," he said his voice serious.

"Pack your stuff up and go to Utah," he told me.

Tears stung the back of my eyes.

"Your no better than him," I managed to get out my mouth.

"Says the one who found someone else,"

In five minutes I was on the doorstep of Utah's dorm. Knocking loudly.

Utah's POV

"Storm?" I asked her so damn confused.

She looked pissed and sad, and depressed.

But I still love her.

She hugged me sobbing into my chest.

Repeating over and over, I forgive you.

All I could do was kiss her head and tell her it was all right.

But she kissed me instead.

"I miss you sometimes," she finally said our lips still very close

"I do too," I whispered in her ear.

"Can I stay here?" she asked as I was slowly taking her to the bed,

"You can live her..yeah," I said right before we did it.

Storm's POV

"Why didn't you wanna do it two years ago?" he asked me as he smelled my hair.

"I wanted to do it with you," I started, "but I wasn't in the mood at that specific time," she said hugging my torso.

"I'm sorry," he said with his voice breaking, "For everything, cheating in all even making you do it," he said with his voice breaking as he said each new word.

I kissed him, I kissed him forever.

He pulled me on top of him without breaking our lips apart.

"I love you," he said gently as we grasped for air.

I kissed him in response.

I didn't want this to end.

Lou's POV(it is just Alec with a different name)

After I came back from my trip I decided to go to Storm's dorm.

But when I got on the campus, she was walking with a different boy, holding hands.

She noticed me and dragged her other person over to where I was.

"Hey Lou," she said casually, "This is Utah, Utah this is my friend Lou,"

I cringed at the word friend, but it was too noticeable because Utah looked at me strangely.

"Storm!" someone yelled behind her.

It was Tokyo, running in his sweatshirt and long jeans.

But before Storm could speak, I kissed her.

Just a quick one.

Quickly following suit Utah did the same thing. But longer.

"Well I feel special," she said after trying to get her words together.

I smirked, Tokyo looked depressed, then Utah smirked along with me.

Storm's POV

The next thing I know Utah and Lou are all over me trying to make Tokyo Jealous.

Then Utah slowly kissing my neck, while Lou kissing my lips slowly as I moaned between each one.

Then we are tangled up in a bed.

At Utah's and I dorm.

Utah's POV

That was nice.


She was a different person this time.


She hugged both of us, as we cradled her gently.

"So are we like these three dating thing?" Utah asked her as she and I were making out.

"You mean I'm with both of you," she asked turning to him.

"Yes," he replied quickly before she kissed him.

"Mhm," she said happily as he kissed her, while I kissed her neck.

Storm's POV

As Utah hit the showers in the dorm,

Lou and I were still in bed making out.

"Okay Love birds we gotta shower," he said,

"Okay father," I said sarcastically as I passed him to the showers.

After, I showered I put on a pullover crop-top from romwe, along with a slightly above the knees tight skirt.

I then decided to just make my freckles more noticeable, by just outlining them with my brow powder.

Other than that I went completely natural.

"Damn," Lou and Utah both said in unison.

"What?" I asked them both,

"You just look so good," Lou said with his British accent, shirtless-ly brushing his hair.

I felt the heat from my face, it was obvious he noticed, it because he smirked, "Like the view?" he asked in that nice voice of his.

Then I felt Utah's warm embrace, while he hugged me from behind.

"I love you guys," I told them as Lou got his shirt on.

"We love you too," they both said in unison

Author Notes: I'm sorry I haven't been posting!
I just needed a break.
From what?
I do not know.
But my birthday is coming on Thursday!


For those who won the little giveaway congrats!

Here they are:


Shine Bright


Those are all the people who love and support me!

So they will be getting the next series earlier!

This is the end of secrets so!


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