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Seeing The Greater Picture
Seeing The Greater Picture

Seeing The Greater Picture


Seeing The Greater Picture

Part One

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in Stars of the North Newsletter January 2019: ‘The law of life is love and the Angels and Masters around the throne of God are in charge of and responsible for God’s great evolutionary plan. All life in the whole of Creation, including you and your world, down to the smallest details is constantly being cared for by the Angelic hierarchy and countless groups of other spirit friends and helpers. We are but one of these groups and we would like you to become aware that nothing anywhere in the world of matter can appear without first having been created in ours.

‘We have come today to try to lift those who are finding it difficult to come to terms with their suffering and that of your world, above the limitations of their earthly understanding. To enable us to do this, we need to draw their attention to the Universal or God’s laws, by which all life in the whole of Creation is ruled. Naturally, this includes every one of you and your whole world. We can hear some of you saying: ‘If the law of life is love, what about the suffering and sadness of the many tragedies that have always been happening in our world? If it were true that our God is love, how can such this Deity allow these things?’

‘The time has come for you to know that nothing in the whole of Creation ever is a coincidence or happens perchance without an apparent cause. Although many in your world believe that this is the case, it could not be further from the truth. Everything that manifests itself on the outer plane first has to be created on the inner spiritual level one. The Universe is teeming with life that is invisible to earthly eyes and to make humankind’s earthly existence possible, countless numbers of spirit beings are ceaselessly toiling in its background. Love is their only motivation and when one of you thanks them for what you have received, they are very grateful indeed.

‘Whenever something tragic takes place in your world, the part you can see is but one aspect of the event. When you view from the higher spiritual perspective what in your world comes across as major and minor accidents and disasters, the whole picture emerges. It then becomes clearly visible that what you have been witnessing is something so wise and wonderful that in due course it will provide the spirit/soul of those involved with many blessings and great joy. Being aware of this, wise ones accept what life brings them. If they have to face something negative and painful, they do not complain and accept that it’s their turn to take part in the Great Father/Mother’s lesson of teaching their beloved children of the Earth the nature of suffering.

‘The memories of every experience you had in the course of many lifetimes are stored in your soul. You bring them with you into all future lifetimes, when they will be affecting you – for better or for worse – from the subconscious level. When you have become familiar with the nature of suffering through enduring troubles and pain of your own, it will be your soul memory of those times that are going to stop you from ever again hurting any living creature.

‘Wise ones, who know that through their behaviour in previous lifetimes, they themselves are the cause of their suffering, first forgive themselves for what they did in the past. Then they focus on forgiving the people against whom they sinned however many lifetimes ago this may have taken place. If you are suffering yourself, the sooner you get on with this, the more quickly you will be ready to be released from the duty of wandering through the dark tunnel of the lessons of earthly life.

‘And when we can get the ‘doubting Thomases’ in your midst to also start looking at earthly life from the spiritual vantage point, it will not take long until they too will be able to recognise that what appears to their earthly selves as a tragedy is nothing but the outworking of God’s laws and how they manifest themselves in earthly life. Our task is to help as many of you as possible find peace through understanding your true nature and the wise higher purpose of everything that happens in your world. Everything is but a passing phase and a necessary part of the tests and trials every one of you, without exception, as a spark of the Divine has to endure in the course of your earthly education. It serves the purpose of familiarising you with every aspect of your nature, including those that for a long time are unknown to your earthly personality.

‘As you know by now, spiritually knowledge is light and not knowing is darkness. And each one of our visits is bringing you as much of light of the Great Mother’s wisdom and truth as the Angels in charge of us consider to be right for the present state of the development of those reading it. More shall follow in due course, but meanwhile we are willing to communicate intuitively with anyone whose earthly mind is tuned into our frequencies in the world of light. It is head is the radiance of the Star of the Universal Christ, the Sun of all Suns and the Light of all lights. This is the manner in which all Aquarian jottings as well as our messages have always been given. The more the purifying power of the Christ light fills your hearts and souls, the better you will be able to see the beauty and wisdom of God’s great plan and recognise how it has always taken care of humankind’s evolutionary progress and that of your world.

‘During the early stags of your earthly existence your mind cannot yet grasp this kind of thing. Only when your superconscious faculties begin to unfold and gradually open to the blessings of the Highest like a flower to the Sun, you slowly begin to perceive that there is something good in everything. Whatever may still have to happen, never forget that the many difficulties that still have to be encountered by everybody on the earthly plane are the outworking of God’s great evolutionary plan. And because the main law of life is love, everything at all times is sure to work together for humankind’s highest good and evolutionary progress.

‘Radiating from the law of love are the sub-laws of evolution and of cause and effect or the law of Karma, which ensures that everything in the fullness of time returns to its source. In itself this law is not the cause of anything in your life, you yourself are. Every bit of it contains was created through your own thoughts, words and actions of past lifetimes. Don’t you think that it’s therefore fair enough that every transgression of the law of love can only be made good or redeemed by you, the transgressor?

* * *

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10 Feb, 2019
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