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Seeking Serenity
Seeking Serenity

Seeking Serenity


White Eagle On The Power Of Thought – Part Two

The following was inspired by a White Eagle teaching that came my way in ‘The Power Within – Seeking Serenity’: ‘Thought is a living thing and its effectiveness can be increased during your quiet times of prayer and meditation, having faith and trust in the goodness of life that’s been given to you by the Highest Forces of life, as well as walking the spiritual pathway with determination and application. Whenever you are closing the door of your inner being to the world around you, you are creating a holy space within you. That’s when the best work for your own health and happiness as well as that of the whole of humankind is carried out. Use psychic protection so that the negative and destructive thought vibrations of your environment cannot penetrate you and your sacred space. Although this may initially seem selfish to you, nothing assists the growth of your inner being more.

‘This is the best way of gradually becoming the master of your physical body and your inner being. You then have evolved into a channel through which God’s white healing magic can flow with steadily increasing strength from the Angels of healing into your world and everything you come into contact with. At present just about everybody and also your whole world urgently need it. That’s how every one of you is destined to eventually make a valuable contribution towards the healing of your planet and all lifeforms that share it with you. If you freely and willingly serve as a channel through which the Healing Angels’ energies can penetrate ever more deeply into your world, your whole being heals with it.

‘As sparks of the Great Light, each one of you is a co-creator with God. Even though for a long time you are unaware of it, this is how with every thought, word and action you are constantly in the process of creating something and you are personally responsible for every bit of it. Love is the main law of life and thought its main force. Everything in the whole of Creation was brought about by the loving thoughts of the Highest. Love and thought, each in its own right, is the most powerful force that exists anywhere. The two of them turn into an invincible alliance when another one of you starts working, hand in hand with God and the Angels, and keeps on sending kind, loving and forgiving thoughts to your world’s troublemakers and scaremongers.

‘There are two streams of consciousness in the whole of Creation, therefore also in your world, a light and a dark one. Positive, kind and loving thoughts feed into the light stream. This increases its strength and the power of absorbing ever more of that which to this day is dark, evil and ugly in your world. In particular this applies to the lower unevolved aspects of human nature. The force of the Christ light uplifts and transmutes its darkness into something that, in keeping with the Divine great evolutionary plan for your world and everything that shares it with you, is good, right and beautiful.

‘In our world, everything is for real and there are no Masters in charge of our groups. There is no what might be called ‘lording’ or ‘mastering’ because we are all equals, equally loved by our Creator and precious. As everybody is aware that no-one is superior or inferior to anyone, nobody would dream of thinking of themselves as anyone’s Lord or Master. We are all aware of our true nature and that each one is gifted in some special way. That’s why there is no need for competing with or trying to outshine each other, or desiring to dominate and rule those around us. Like in any good family, the older siblings, i.e. the more highly evolved ones, whenever the need for it arises take the younger ones by the hand and show them how to go about things.

‘White Eagle is a collective name for the groups of all spirit guides; each one is working for and in harmony with the Angelic hierarchy. We are the next evolutionary level after life on the earthly plane. Being closest to it, we are still very familiar with the tests and trials of your existence. At any given time, the Angels decide how much knowledge humankind is ready to cope with and that’s what we bring to you. They are in charge of you and also of us.

‘Every one of you is specially gifted in some way, the same as we are. But many in your midst are still unaware that they have a unique talent that, for a long time, could have been waiting to be discovered and then developed to full unfoldment. As our gifts are used for the good of the whole, no-one would dream of seeking fame and glory by making a name for themselves. All praise, glory and honour of our realm is for the Highest. And on the road of evolving into an ever more spiritual place, your world will gradually become like ours.

‘A serene state of mind can only be achieved by humankind through an ever increasing understanding of God’s true nature and your own, the processes of life and the knowledge that there really is a great evolutionary plan that has always has been unfolding the way it should and that this will forever continue. This clearly shows that you and your world, the same as ours, have always rested securely in the loving hands of God and the Angels. What more could anyone want?’

Updated 20th November 2020

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20 Nov, 2020
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4 mins
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