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Seeking Serenity
Seeking Serenity

Seeking Serenity


Seeking Serenity

The essence of a White Eagle teaching from ‘The Power Within – Seeking Serenity’: ‘Thought is a living thing and its effectiveness can be increased by the power of prayer and meditation, faith and trust, determination and application. Whenever you are closing the doors to the lodge of your inner being to the outer world and so create a holy space within and around you during your quiet times, that’s when you are doing the best work for your own health and happiness as well as the whole of humankind. Do not allow the negative and destructive thought vibrations of the outer world to penetrate your sacred space. Although this may sound selfish at first, it helps your inner strength to grow and therefore the opposite is true.

‘That’s the only way you can learn to become the master of your physical body and its inner lodge. God’s white healing magic can then flow with increasing strength from the Angels of healing into your world to all those who are in need of it. At present that is still just about everybody and also your whole world. In this way you can make a valuable contribution towards the healing of all its lifeforms, instead of allowing yourself to be sucked into the darkness and chaos of earthly thoughts and feelings. Those who willingly serve as channels through which the energies of the Healing Angels can penetrate ever more deeply into your world, are receiving their own healing along the way.’

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3 Aug, 2019
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