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Seventh Trap

Seventh Trap

By Justice_Dolly - 13 Reviews

It was about 6 pm that night when his parents left to go into town. He hugged them goodbye and they told him to keep all the doors locked. His parents left he locked the doors and went up to his bedroom. He sat on his bed and texted his girlfriend Caroline.

Caroline: Hey babe

Justin: Hey honey how's your night?

Caroline: Good how is yours?

Justin: Good! My parents just left for their honeymoon.

Caroline: Wow! That sounds fun.

Justin: I guess so..... : /

Caroline: What's wrong?

Justin: I keep hearing things outside of my window.

Caroline: It's probably just neighbors.

Justin: No it can't be because they are not here.

Caroline: Well could it be people down the road?

Justin: No I live on a private dead end road..........

Caroline: What's wrong?

Justin: ................Caroline I am going to check it out, I'll be right back.

Caroline: Ok, please be careful.

So he went out to see what all the noises where. He went out to the forest edge and he didn't hear anything. So he headed towards his house. He went to open the door but it was locked. He didn't remember locking the door when he went out. Luckily his parents left the key under the door. He went inside locked the door. He went up to his room but his phone was missing. He remembered leaving it on his bed. Where had it gone? What the hell happened? He looked all around for his phone. He found it on top of the fridge in the basement. He was confused how it got here.


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30 Jan, 2019
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