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By JustNicoleValiukas - 1 Review

The creepiest thing to ever happen to me didn't occur at night, and it certainly wasn't a grey and gloomy day. The day was perfectly glowing, a beaming yellow sun smiled shining rays at the earth below and there were no impurities in the azure expanse of the sky, no hazy clouds that were host to parasitic rain.
It was yesterday.
I woke up late for school, stumbling out of the covers, cursing, shielding my eyes and with pink crease marks from the pillow still on the delicate skin of my face. No shower that morning. It was probably best kept that way, too. Because, if I had decided that I was cool with being even more late, I would've most likely ended up with a totally cliché re- enactment of the Psycho shower scene.
My parents and little brother weren't in the kitchen when I bounded downstairs, two at a time, to collect my car keys.
The chrome- coloured toaster stared back at me with a wicked metallic glint in its eyes, as if it knew something I didn't.
I walked into the lounge room. Empty. That's when I started to freak out. If my dad wasn't watching TV, something had to be wrong.
"Joke's up, Guys! You got me," I called out.
No answer.
I ran to the neighbour's house, rapped loudly on the door.
It opened with a creak. I stepped inside, calling out desperately, hoping they could help.
Nobody was home.
I heard voices and ran excitedly in the direction of sound.
Nothing. I felt disappointment settle in the pit of my stomach.
The TV was still on, SpongeBob Square Pants, played loudly. There were no children in front of it.
I went to the bathroom, knocked loudly on the door. Nobody was in there, but I heard the hiss of running water, so I opened the door cautiously.
The basin of the sink was overflowing with water that was still running at a constant speed. I turned it off.
Nobody was here either.
As I turned to leave, I thought I caught a glimpse of something in the mirror, but when I looked back, nothing was there.
It had been a shadowy figure, blurred around the edges, but clearly humanoid, and definitely watching me.
Starting to feel a little disturbed and worried, I ran back home.
My car spluttered in the cold, but then rose from the dead as it began to warm.
As I rolled slowly past storefronts and buildings that were devoid of life, and parks that contained no giggling toddlers with weary-looking mothers, I began to tense with fear.
What I saw could only be described as a ghost town. There were no people in sight, yet everything had been left on. Lights, electrical appliances, showers. I got out of my car and approached another car with doors left hanging open. There was nobody inside. The radio was virtually inaudible, but it hummed and buzzed with a soft static consistency. I turned the volume down.
As I glanced back up, I caught sight of a watchful figure in the rear view mirror, lurking in the back seat.
It was the thing, watching me, distorted, the colour of charcoal. This time, I glimpsed two green glowing orbs of light I assumed to be its eyes.
It said nothing, which terrified me more than if it had spoken. It just stared, unwavering, with a hint of primal, predatory hunger in those eyes.
I shrieked, and whipped my head around.
Nobody was there.
What the Hell was going on?
For no apparent reason, I travelled to the airport across town. I saw what I had been expecting to find. Nothing.
The bathrooms were empty, the food courts, souvenir stores.
I walked through security. Out to where the jets were preparing to drive up the runway and take flight. Or would've been, if that mission weren't abandoned, halfway through.
Something made me turn around, and when I did, I think my blood literally turned to liquid nitrogen.
Hundreds of shadow people stared at me eagerly, from about twenty metres away. They weren't moving.
Holy. Crap.
I was frozen with fear, and I must have stood there that way, paralysed, staring back at them for five minutes before my brain began to function properly and I turned around to see if there were any behind me.
There weren't..
When I turned around, I came face to face with terror incarnate. I had turned my back for a few seconds! I had heard no footsteps. What were these things? It stared directly into my eyes, its own seemingly filled with an insatiable thirst for blood. It was faceless- they all were- so I couldn't actually tell, but I am almost positive that it formed a smile of pure evil where its mouth should have been.
I ran.
I felt them following me, not very far behind...
I am home again now, but I have switched off all the lights, the electrical appliances, the water. I think that's how they got in to begin with.
I feel them still, never very far away, waiting to be released. Getting closer, growing stronger.
The light flicks on. Shit! I freeze at the feeling I get of unexplained terror that only happens when they come for me. The television follows, I hear the shower upstairs begin to flow.
My face frozen in a grimace of terror, I make no move to turn them back off.
I can only stare, helpless... as I watch the fuzzy black limb emerge from the television screen.
The last thing I see are the eyes. The ethereal emerald beacons, that are filled with starved delight and triumph, as it begins to walk towards me...

Author Notes: Weird, eerie, sinister stuff right there. I'm turning off my laptop on case something tries to crawl out.

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10 May, 2014
Read Time
4 mins
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