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Shadow Sculptors Prologue

Shadow Sculptors Prologue

By Kat - 2 Reviews

As I crept along the dark hallway, I saw random faces watching screens. None of them saw me, but I could feel their sense of security. They were watching something, something that I was most likely not allowed to see. I crept closer.

I entered the light for a fraction of a second, only to leave the light afterwards and disappear immediately right next to one of the guards. He was watching what looked like a street fight, but there was something odd about it. They were fighting with a long knifes, but they were too short to be swords. Confused, I looked closer. The screens' sudden light change made my eyes blur for a matter of seconds. In those seconds, I saw the movement of the screen flip around to a different angle of the fight. It slowed down a little, making it easier to comprehend.

I watched as a man dressed in blue came running into the fight, waving a pistol. He tried to separate the fight, but was without luck. He gave up, and shot the pistol in the air. He two men backed off of each other, glaring at the man who had interrupted the process of beating the crap out of one another. Together, they tackled the man in blue.

I watched in horror as everything happened. It confused me, making my head spin. Why was a guard watching a street fight? Why were these men fighting in the first place? Why had the man in blue tried to stop the fight? No answer came into mind, but the fact that I had backed away and stood in the direct light of the hanging bulbs did.

"Hey! What's she doin' here?" Hollered a man to the right of me. I couldn't see what he looked like, but I could tell that nothing good was about to happen.

I stepped back into the darkness, disappearing once again. Heads turned, rubbed their eyes, trying to find me. I backed as far away as I could from everyone, slowing my breathing. They had a glimpse of me, but I could still get around without them seeing me. I only had to hope that something would make them think that it was just a trick of the mind. I rushed to the right, the opposite of where I had come from. They couldn't hear or see me, something that I've found resourceful.

Author Notes: This is only the preview. Please leave comments and reviews.

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1 Jan, 2017
Read Time
2 mins
2.0 (2 reviews)

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