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She Wolf Pt. 2
She Wolf Pt. 2

She Wolf Pt. 2

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Casey’s birthday was a blast, with music blaring, drinks flowing, and good friends everywhere. We partied like animals, but after watching Jane take shots like a champ for a couple of hours, it was clear she was done for the night. I looked into her intoxicated, yet piercing green eyes, and noticed a cold sweat visible on her face. Clearly she wasn’t doing too well, I needed to take her home. A full moon lit up the street as we walked to our house. When we arrived home, she b-lined it to the washroom. The door slammed shut and her nausea took over. The poor thing was in there for a while, and after checking up on her a few times, I knew she wouldn’t be coming out any time soon. I told her to shout if she needed me, and headed to bed.

A painful scream woke me out of my sleep. As I turned over, I noticed Jane wasn’t beside me. A loud crash came from the kitchen and another scream followed. I darted out of bed and ran to find her. She was on the kitchen floor, reeling in pain. I ran to her to see if I can help in any way. As I went to touch her, her head shot up with a wild look in her eyes. She let out a growl of pain as I cradled her against my chest. “Kyle, I’m scared.” she said almost breathless with distress. How long had she been like this? She looked terrible. I tried to remain calm as I sat her up against the cupboard; “We’re going to the hospital.” I got up and headed to the bedroom to find the keys.

I scrambled around the room for what seemed like an eternity. “Where the fuck are the keys! I’m coming Jane!” Suddenly the house fell dead silent and I could no longer hear her cries of pain or her hyper-breathing. Out of the silence a loud growl emanated from the kitchen where I had left her. Before I could turn around, a dog like figure pushed me to the floor. As I dodged a second leap and made it on my feet, I realized the dog was actually a large wolf. Horror overwhelmed me as I looked into Janes green wolf eyes. I could spot those eyes from light years away. As she stalked towards me, I knew my girlfriend was not in there. I couldn’t escape her attack fast enough. Pain shot up my leg and I let out a scream as she bit through my calf. But she didn’t stop there…

I remember being dragged out of the room then blacking out. When I came to I was near the stairs and I had no idea how long I’d been unconscious. I crawled to the basement as Jane was nowhere in sight. I was not taking a chance. I struggled to find a safe place to hide, but made it to the breaker near the washing machine. I switched off the main power, hoping the darkness would give me time. After losing so much blood, I crashed to the floor.

I tried not to whine, but the pain was too much. My heart rate picked up as I knew if she found me, I’d be so very dead. Though if I didn’t get help soon, I’d be a goner anyways. I could hear footsteps in the bedroom above. Eventually she was at the top of the basement stairs. I could hear her creeping towards me. My heart nearly exploded as she crashed in front of me. She was human again. Jane seemed confused and terrified all at once. The rest was a painful blur as I slowly faded out into darkness.

Author Notes: Editor: James Armes

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13 Jun, 2016
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3 mins
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