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She Wolf Pt. 3
She Wolf Pt. 3

She Wolf Pt. 3

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Jane had a relatively normal upbringing. She grew up in Thompson, NY and lived five houses down from her parents off of Wolf Lake. Her family had owned the lake since the nineteen sixtee’s. It was purchased back in nineteen fifty three by six men who had intended to create a summer retreat for fishing and boating. They built cabins and bungalows on the property for summer use. Her grand-father, a resident at the time, bought shares in the corporation that had been set up to own the lake, and in doing so purchased Wolf Lake.

When she was seven, during a cold winter, Jane had stumbled upon a horrific scene. She was walking home from school, when she found a mangled body at the end of the driveway. It resembled an animal attack, nothing a person could have done. She ran home screaming. Her father was horrified at the news, but he also knew something she didn’t. Jane’s family closed the resort off to the public after the incident. When Jane was old enough, she re-opened it with the help of her older cousin Tom. Once again, it was the focal point of the community.

I hugged him tightly while crying as he slipped away. I had just killed my best friend and didn’t remember a thing. My heart felt like it had shattered in a million pieces. I set Kyle’s lifeless body on the floor and tried to collect myself. I needed to get answers but first I had to take care of this mess. As I cleaned, my mind was reeling. I was a monster. It felt as though I was the lead character in my very own fiction novel. Werewolves can’t exist.

A loud knock at the front door snapped me out of my daze. The blood had been completely cleaned up, it had taken me a couple hours. With my new found strength, I picked up Kyle effortlessly and placed his body on the couch. I covered him with a blanket, masking his mangled body. I slowly opened the door and gave a sigh of relief when I saw Tom’s face.

“Hey, is everything okay? Was worried about you guys… Thought I heard something last night.” I couldn’t keep it together, he could see something was terribly wrong. I stepped aside and let him in. It wasn’t long before he spotted Kyle on the couch. Before he could comment or get any closer I blurted out nervously.

“Something bad happened.” It was like I had confirmed his suspicions. Without a word, he lifted the blanket. “Fuck Jane, I’m so sorry.” He did not react like I expected him to, instead he hugged me hard.

“I’ll explain everything, but first we need to dispose of his body.” He went back to his house and brought back what I assumed was a body bag. Tom placed Kyle’s body in the large bag and zipped it up. "I’m going to take care of this.” He lifted the body bag. “Go clean yourself up, get some sleep, I’ll check up on you when I get back.”

As he closed the door behind him, the house suddenly felt very empty. I was dirty, defeated and exhausted, I just wanted this nightmare to be over. I slowly made my way to the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t recognize the person staring back. As I undressed myself, I could see bruises and scratches all over my body. It was probably caused when Kyle was trying to fight me off, I punched the mirror and it shattered in pieces. I couldn’t bear to look at myself. “You did this” Kyle’s last words echoed over and over in my head.

Author Notes: Editor: James Armes

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19 Jul, 2016
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3 mins
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