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Silver To Red
Silver To Red

Silver To Red


The magic I do neverfails to amaze me. My magic is more magical than anything else that people practice these days. I say this because my magic is, in a lot of ways, it is different from their types of magic and I can tell you why.

For a start, my magic causes the best feeling in the world. It gives me a sensation that makes all my worries fly away, like a mother singing softly to a baby to get it to sleep. It makes tingles ring in my body and makes me want to fall into to a deep, deep sleep.

Secondly, my magic shows me the real way to have fun. It shows e that with just one swipe I can make all the pain fly away. It's like those magic tricks where the magician puts the person in the box and with one word the person disappears. That's exactly what my magic is like, but with one swipe the pain flys away.

Lastly, my magic makes the best sound in the world. It's like the repetitive ticking of a clock in a quiet room. It's like water dripping from a faucet into a sink over and over. The sound is faint, but it still helps make the experience much more magical.

It's so fun to see the red liquid seep from the cuts on my arm and drip onto the floor, the sight makes my worst and most painful worries fly away. The more the liquid drops to the tiled floor below, the more my eyes get heavy. The sound of the blood dripping onto the floor is a sound that acts almost like a lullaby, something my mom never did to me. It soothes my ears and lulls me into a calm sleep and that is what happens every night, but for some reason I always wake up.

Something I also have learned while doing this is a tune that I would whisper to myself to help soothe me.

Silver to Red, Silver to Red.

Oh how fun is it to draw in silver and watch it turn red.

Silver to Red, Silver to Red.

Oh how fun it is to draw in silver and watch it turn red.

Author Notes: This one was just something that I quickly came up with. If you like it, just tell me in the comments below!

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15 Jun, 2018
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1 min
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