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A Simple Picture | Part A |
A Simple Picture | Part A |

A Simple Picture | Part A |

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I walked down the street, my hands stuffed into my jeans. I was returning to my studio after a long stroll through San Fransisco. I spent my time in Chinatown. It was pretty fun.

A man was in front of me. He had a long black coat and a thick scark coering half of his face, despite the heat. I frowned. I was in a t-shirt, and I was starting to feel hot. It felt like a good 25 celsius.

Something dropped from his trench coat. It was a brown wallet. The man didn't notice. I leaned down and picked it up.

"Hey!" I yelled, waving the wallet around. The man didn't turn. I catched up to him and tapped his shoulder. He turned, but his trench coat whipping my hand. Being the clumsly boy I am, I dropped his wallet.

I picked it up again. It fell open, displaying all the man's credit cards and cash. My gaze darted to photo. I gasped.

There was a beautiful girl. She had pretty gray eyes and blond hair. A scar on her cheekbone was the only blemish on her tan skin. A man, surely the owner of the wallet, was laughing behind her as the girl was smirking.

There's no doubt. The girl is the most known thief in the U.S. nicknamed Ghost.

The man snatched up his wallet, but he knew I saw the picture. "Son." he said, his voice low. "Come."

He guided me to a nearby dark alley.

"Do not speak a word, son. I will come back. And you will follow me. Do you understand?"

I swallowed and nodded.

He was so much taller than me. And intimidating.

"You're part of Ghost's clan now. There's no going back."

Author Notes: Random. Comment if you want to a sequel!

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23 Mar, 2019
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