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Slowing Down
Slowing Down

Slowing Down


Slowing Down

O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life,
Help my earthly self to slow down,
Ease its pounding heartbeat,
Quieten its racing mind
And steady its hurrying steps.

To restore its ability to sleep at night,
Show me how to enjoy the serenity and peace
Of our world’s mountains, hills and lakes,
Far from the noise and confusion
Of humankind’s earthly existence.

Teach me the art of taking time off:
For smelling some flowers,
Seeing more of family and friends,
And reading things that nurture
My heart and soul.

With every breath I take
I give thanks and praise to You
For the beauty and wonder of Your Creation,
For everything that is presently in my life,
For that which once was
And for what one of these days
Forever will be mine.

Whenever I admire how the branches of trees
Are reaching ever higher into the Heavens,
I realise that they can only do this because
You allow them space and time enough to do so.
Help my earthly self to be like the trees,
With its branches reaching high into Your world
And my roots planted firmly in Mother Earth
To draw nourishment from her
Through the experiences of my life.
For drawing nourishing from her.

Make my lower nature come to its senses
So it stops running away from the calling
Of my spirit/soul, the eternal
Highest and noblest part of me,
The wise one or living God within,
My inner guidance who knows the way
Of all things and the answers to all my questions,
You, O Great White Spirit,
And the Angels around your throne.

Let them speak to me intuitively and
Grant me the gift of a humble heart,
The only place where we earthlings can
Find the rest, peace and healing
Our whole being has been yearning for
A long, long time.


Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

* * *

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About This Story
7 Aug, 2019
Read Time
1 min
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