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Snow ghost

Snow ghost

By Alaaddin - 2 Reviews

The events of the story began in the winter of two thousand and nine when four friends from one university decided to spend seven days in the beautiful city of Ifrane. The friends were united by their love of skiing, so they prepared for the trip everything they should have. They bought skateboards, winter clothes and blankets because they knew that this region is one of the coldest places in the continent of Africa, and they did not forget to rent a house in a suburb of Ifrane.

The friends spent the first day at home in peace, but the second day there was a friend who noticed that he had suffered through the night from feeling cold. Although he had put many blankets on him, he found out in the morning that he had lost all the woollen blankets. But he didn't stop too much, he thought to himself, "Maybe a friend had taken it from me because he was cold." Then they all went to the snow dunes that covered the whole area, and they were all enjoying this wonderful feeling. Because the mountains there are like the Alps in their splendour and beauty, but suddenly they all noticed that there was a woman in the trees as if she had something they frighten her with.

Seeing this woman did not stop the young men, but one of them was curious to know how this woman managed to survive in all the snow. Why was she terrified when she saw them, so the young man, Ahmed, decided to go to the place to approach her. He came close to her and saw a cedar tree in front of him, but no one was there.

Later, Ahmed was riding a horse and, as he was walking, saw a piece of the blanket that had disappeared from his room, but it was buried among the snow, and a large part of it appeared. And here the young man marvelled and said to himself, What brought my cover here? And who is this lady? Says Ahmed who told the story on a television program in Morocco, he was very curious to know how the cover came and who this woman was.

He went deeper into the snow-covered forest and in his mind more than one question but found nothing, and when he decided to return, a voice addressed him by his name and said to him, “Ahmed, Ahmed, are you still looking for me?” Here, the young man turned behind him towards the sound; he found a woman whose skin was grey and her face was stained with blood, and she had a knife in her hand. He added that the woman's ear was so long that it reached her chest, and her hair was very coarse.

The thing that struck his heart the most, he went on, was that it was too long. And when he saw this figure, he set off with the horse so that he could save himself. This was the first time Ahmed felt this fear. He went home and told his friends who had gathered their things and decided to come back. While they were handing over the house to the guard, they told him what they saw, and Ahmed told him exactly what happened to him. And here the guard told them that this ghost of a woman who went out every day when it was snowing hard, and this woman was a poor woman who had died years ago.

This was in an area near the forest, and the woman was pregnant and could not go to the hospital to give birth due to the harsh weather. She gave birth on her own after suffering labour pains in the snowy forest, but the baby had died and then the lady remained next to the corpse of her newborn for three days until she also died. And since this day this woman appears when the weather becomes harsh.

Many of the residents of this city have narrated that this lady appears from time to time, especially when the winds are strong. And the snow abounds as if she wants to tell her sad story to everyone who feels the cold. The young men felt very sorry for what they had heard about this lady, especially that she had stolen blankets. One of them was as if she wanted to cover her baby, who had died because of the severity of the cold and cruelty.

Because she could not give birth to him in a suitable and safe environment, and because of what happened to her and her baby, her soul became stuck in this place. The one in which she and her baby died, and she appears from time to time in order to remind people of what happened to her because of her poverty.

Author Notes: This is a true story that happened in Morocco more than ten years ago

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22 Mar, 2022
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