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Snow Search

Snow Search

By martinflemingak - 1 Review

Eyes forced open. A challenge to get eyelids in an upright position. Amanda Combs woke up in a small dank room to the sound of a a frozen boiler struggling. A tape recorder playing then replaying then replaying. Amanda's vision was blurry and her hearing was impaired. She gradually found her feet.. Her legs were numb and the floor felt hard against her feet. She was wearing a red dress and red and white polkadot socks but this wasn't what she last remembered wearing. Her hair was also down, it was usually in a tight ponytail. Amanda walked around the small room searching her mind for her most recent memory and trying to find her bearings. The room was a small damp square with a dirty mattress on the floor and a frozen boiler next to it. Amanda wondered why it was frozen but then the cold climate hit her face hard. It was freezing.

On the other side of the room, there was a small table with a tape recorder playing repeatedly. Amanda's hearing was too impaired to understand it. She paced towards it, picked it up and put it against her ear. "Go outside. Find the key." Over and over again. Then, Amanda noticed, a door. In the middle of the wall, there was a door that completely camouflaged with the rest of the wall. Even though, it was freezing Amanda's palms were sweating. She outstretched her fingertips and pulled the handle. Snow hit her body. In front of her was an enormous rectangular room filled with snow and simulated night skies. Amanda was supposed to find a key in here.

For one moment, Amanda dropped to her knees and gave up hope. From what she could assume, she had been kidnapped by someone, put in this place and now her only means of escape is to find a key somewhere in millions of snow. Then, she heard a crunching under her knee. Amanda looked at her knees and scooped up a handful of snow. It felt wet and cool against her sweaty palms. She ran her fingertips through the snow and realised there was hard material in amongst it. It was bone.

Amanda let out a small scream and stood upright hearing more crunching underfoot. She let her feet guide to her to the other end of the room. Noises underfoot grew louder and clearer until Amanda's foot caught and tripped over something. She hit the ground with a thud. Her foot throbbed and Amanda gently massaged it. Her mind raced as she felt her leg go extremely numb and then her eyes locked on a macabre sight. She wasn't rubbing her foot, she was rubbing a foot that was buried in the snow. Another scream escaped Amanda's mouth and she grabbed the foot. It wasn't just a foot, it was attached to a full dead body.

Amanda scurried to her feet and began to run down the long room. Her heart pounded and her foot was in agony. Amanda felt that every yard she ran, out of the corner of her eyes, she was seeing more bodies in the snow. Then, her feet came to a sudden stop. A feeling of familiarity came upon her when she saw one of the bodies. She slowly walked over towards it and tears began to stream down her face. Amanda recognised the body right away. It was her boyfriend, Cole's body. Amanda searched for mind to find the last memory she had of him but couldn't think of one but she knew who he was and how she felt. As tears continued to stream down her face, she uncovered the rest of the body, clearing all snow from her dead boyfriends corpse. Then, Amanda realised something. He was holding hands with another body. Panicking, Amanda cleared all snow covering and surrounding the two bodies. A sensation of extraordinary fear crept upon Amanda's mind and she felt her head turn dizzy and her vision turn to darkness.

The body was hers.

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About This Story
5 May, 2013
Read Time
3 mins
4.0 (1 review)

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