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The older I get, the more I feel the need for periods of solitude to reflect on the fact that in truth every human being is a spark of the great light, the Universal Christ. Therefore, all of us are beloved children of the great Father/Mother of all life, each one an eternal and immortal being. I believe that without this knowledge it is impossible to deal constructively with the harvest of the seeds that our lower earthly self, in its ignorance of its true nature, so generously scattered far and wide in previous lifetimes.

For every human being eventually comes the time for accepting the lower self’s fears and anxieties, and starting to work on overcoming and leaving them behind. The first step on this journey is finding love and forgiveness for ourselves for setting the wheels of the things that are happening to us in motion. This then needs to be extended to those who are trespassing against us. They and the way we once were have to be lifted into the light and warmth of our own Christ nature. Developing it and learning to love and forgive God’s way is the ultimate goal of everybody’s earthly education.

To my mind there are two different types of solitude. The first one is a flight from those who have hurt and wounded us. Because we have no idea why they behaved towards us the way they did, it is not really solitude but loneliness we are seeking to separate ourselves from the offenders. As so far we have nowhere else we can turn to, we are left alone with our sadness, pain and bruised sensitivities. At this stage of our development earthly life is nothing but a cold and lonesome, unfair and unjust affair where bolts of misfortune can strike good people like flashes of lightening out of the blue without them knowing why. It’s a very frightening place where most people don’t know what the future may hold in store for them, where no-one truly loves us and cares for us. We could be no more wrong with these assumptions because in truth every one of us is loved and cared for most tenderly. God and the Angels never leave us. It’s just that for many lifetimes we are unaware of their presence.

But fortunately, every earthling eventually reaches the point when our spiritual nature wakes up from its slumbering state. Our inner doors then begin to creak open the slightest bit to allow small chinks of light, in the form of God’s wisdom and truth, to penetrate our consciousness. Time to realise God’s true nature and our own and discovering that God and the Angels have always been and forever will be as much part of us as we of them. They do not interfere unnecessarily with anyone because they want us to discover and develop our inner resources and strengths.

Nonetheless, they are always willing to guide and protect us and help us find our way through our present existence. The crucial point is that their assistance does not come uninvited to anyone but has to be asked for. That’s why the Bible tells us in St. Matthew 7:7-8: ‘Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Everyone who asks receives, the one who seeks finds and to those who knock, the door is going to be opened.’ Without knocking at the door to our inner world in some way, gaining access to it is impossible. Prayers and meditations are the keys for removing the bolt that for a long time has been protecting it against intrusions from our earthly self.

The second type of solitude consciously connects us with the wise one or living God within, the higher aspect of our own and everybody else’s nature. Aware of its oneness with God and everything in the whole of Creation, this part of our being knows the way of all things and therefore knows the answers to any question we may ever care to ask. We discover that the spiritual background of our earthly existence is teeming with lifeforms that are invisible to earthly eyes, but once we have become aware of their presence, we can sense them.

We discover that on the inner level our trespassers are part of and at one with us, just the same as everybody is at one with their Creator, and everything that exists in our world and all others. Through this restoration of our inner connectedness the earthly self heals together and consciously unites itself with the spirit/soul of its heavenly counterpart. This is the healing that cannot be found anywhere else. We then know that, independent of what may still have to happen in earthly life for the redemption of everybody’s most ancient karmic debts, including our own, nobody is our enemy. On the inner level we have always remained brother/sisters and that blessed state will forever continue.

Nothing is good enough for us now but bringing forth, from deep within our own being, the highest and noblest qualities of our God or Christ nature and developing them. For all of us the only things that are of true and eternal value are kindness and friendliness, patience and tolerance towards all forms of life, as well as honesty and truth, loyalty and integrity in all our dealings with the world around us. These qualities are not merely second but first nature to us now. By practising them in every one of our daily encounters, we assimilate them into our character and make them our own.

And that, with every passing day, brings us closer to fulfilling the high and holy destiny that ultimately awaits every human being, which is evolving into a spiritual Master and a Christed one, in our own right. This means a person who has mastered and is in charge of the drives and urges of its lower earthly nature. The God-man Jesus is the symbol of this aspect of every human being’s nature. The story of his life was designed by God and the Angels as a legend that familiarises us with the different stages of our earthly educational journey of a thousand miles and the initiations each one of them brings with it. And like any other voyage this one starts with just one step – in the right direction and that is forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

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18 Jun, 2019
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