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A Space Play Production

A Space Play Production

By -Lynnyan- - 2 Reviews

A Space Play Production
Written and Produced by Lynnyan

Characters (By order of oldest to youngest)

Granny Winchester – Played by Granny Winchester

Rei – Played by Rei

Cody – Played by Cody

Callie – Played by Callie

Lexie – Played by Lexie

Ben – Played by Ben

Leo – Played by Leo

Lyn – Played by Lyn

Two kids walk out on stage, wearing costumes to represent the Sun and the Milky Way. The Sun is played by Callie and the Milky Way by Cody.

Cody, in an annoyed and slightly monotone voice to the audience: Hello. I am the Milky Way. This is one of my many, many, many children, the Sun. She’s really hot.

Cody winks at her and she hides her blushing.

Rei, from behind stage: Stick to the script!

Cody, rolling his eyes: Whatever, I’m just making this awful show better.

Callie, with a sweet voice that’s full of passion to the audience: And I am the Sun! And I bring light and warmth to all my children!

Ben, Lexie, Lyn, Leo, Rei, and Granny Winchester come out on stage wearing their planet costumes.

Callie, to the audience: I would like to introduce you to all my- Wait. (In a loud whisper) Guys, where’s Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto?

The kids snicker at the word Uranus, but Callie gives them a cold stare and they stop quickly. She looks at their guilty faces, waiting for someone to speak up.

Lyn, shocking the other kids: The kid we wanted to play Uranus said he didn’t want people to call him by his butt. (More laughter) Neptune caught a cold, which is really your fault. You oughta keep her closer to you next time and give her some more warmth. (Even Cody begins to laugh now) And Pluto was exiled from being a planet, remember? You’re the one who held that meeting.

Callie, catching on: Oh, that’s right. Sorry, everyone! Now, (Turning back to the audience) I would like to introduce you to some of my children. This is Mercury, (Ben smiles broadly at the audience) Venus, (Lexie gives a small wave) Earth, (Lyn waves her arms up and down, almost smacking Leo) Mars, (Leo just glares at Lyn and she gives an apologetic smile) Jupiter, (Rei looks away from his children to wave at the audience with a quizzical look) and Saturn (Grandma Winchester smiles and begins to play hula hoop with her rings).

Callie looks over at Cody for help, but he’s just staring at Granny as her rings spin round and round, falling occasionally. Callie smacks her forehead in disappointment.

Callie, in a quiet but still audible voice: I can’t believe I’m the only one who’s actually trying to get a good grade out of this.

Callie claps her hands to get her friends’ attention.

Callie, in her regular voice: Okay, everyone, we can still save this thing. We’re all gonna tell the audience one space fact that we know. Cody, you’re first.

Cody, stepping forward and talking to the audience: There are 13 planets in our solar system, including dwarf planets. The dwarf planets Eris, Haumea, Ceres, Makemake, and, of course, Pluto complete our list of planets.

Callie: You next, Ben.

Ben, groaning and rolling his eyes: Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye.

Callie, laughing nervously: Right… You’re next, Lexie.

Lexie, in a shy voice: The Sun’s diameter is 100 times Earth’s diameter. Uh, I mean, 1 million Earths could fit inside the Sun. (She hides her face behind her hands.)

Callie, turning to the audience: And I know that there are millions upon billions of stars in our galaxy. I guess that’s all we have for-

Leo, interrupting her: Wait! I didn’t get to say what I know, and neither did Lyn.

Callie, in a quaking voice: Oh, my bad. Go ahead, ruin the show, then.

Leo, freezing as he was walking to the front of the stage: What did you say?

Callie, giving a nervous chuckle: Nothing, just do it.

Leo, turning back to the audience: Uh, okay. I can sing a song about the planets! (All the kids groan but Leo ignores them and begins singing in a horrible voice) Oh, there’s Mercury, Venus, and Earth! Then Mars and Jupiter! Afterward, we have Saturn and Uranus! But not your anus, oh no. (The kids are covering their ears and some even attempt to attack Leo, but another person always holds them back) And finally, there’s Neptune and, of course, Pluto!

Lyn steps forward to drag him offstage.

Leo, being dragged away: What? No, wait, I didn’t finish! Remember those dwarf planets? I still have to do those. Let me go!

He struggles against her, but she manages to hold on. Then they’re gone and the other kids stand alone on the stage for a moment, staring after where Lyn and Leo went. Then, Lyn comes back, and she takes her place at the front of the stage. The kids’ eyes follow her as she does so.

Lyn: I’ve learned about a multiverse theory. Basically, whatever decision that’s made creates separate realities to play out all the options. This can lead to millions of different universes. I personally don’t really believe it, but it’s pretty cool to think about, don’tcha think?

Cody, slowly: That doesn’t have anything to do with space.

Lyn, turning to look at him: I know, I just think it’s cooler than anything you could say about space. Plus, you guys took all the obvious ones and Ben got away with his.

Lexie, laughing: She’s got a point.

Ben: Hey, mine was brilliant.

Cody, quizzically: Sure, it was.

Callie, laughing as well: They’re right, it was kinda weird.

Rei: I’ll say.

Granny, laughing: Look at that, the rings fell down again!

Leo, from behind stage: MMFFFMMMF!

Lyn, laughing: Whoops, I should probably untie him.

Rei, smiling: Yeah, probably.

Lyn heads backstage to get Leo.

Rei: I can’t believe you kids pulled this off.

Granny: Me either! They’re really something, ey?

Rei: You can say that again.

Lexie, looking over at them: I guess we didn’t need your help after all.

Granny laughs.

Rei, defensively: It’s not my fault I forgot my lines!

Cody: Well…

Lyn brings Leo back onto the stage.

Lyn: Okay, we’re ready.

Callie: Alright! Time for our bows, then.

The children line up, while Rei and Granny stay behind them. The bows ensue. The End!

Author Notes: More about my OC's and how they act can be seen through this play. I honestly think I could've put more effort into it but I'm pretty brain dead, so it won't be looking any better.
I hope you enjoyed and I hope you have a wonderful day! Thanks for reading, audience!

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27 Mar, 2021
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