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Spiritual Knowledge : At What Price?
Spiritual Knowledge : At What Price?

Spiritual Knowledge : At What Price?


Nothing But The Truth : The Whole Truth

My Kind Of Astrology – Part Four

To me, the worst that can happen to human beings is being homeless. This is also true for spiritual homelessness, of which there is so much in our world, to this day. My writings have always been dedicated to these people because about fifty years of my life had provided me with first hand knowledge of what that does to us earthlings. And from the beginning, it’s been my firm belief that spiritual knowledge belongs to everybody. In my view, something so precious should not be sold to the highest bidder, but made available free of charge for everybody and especially for those who cannot afford to buy usually expensive books about spiritual themes. Maybe that’s why the more material hardship is created by our world’s present crazy situation, the more the popularity of my work increases.

Being able to give something so precious away means a great deal more to me that earning millions through selling books could ever do. Looking after lots of money would be nothing but a nuisance to me. It might not leave me enough time for reflecting on and discovering some more of the higher aspects of life and especially astrology, for writing the insights that come to me intuitively down and then sharing my learning with those around me.

How many in our world, to this day blindly believe that what’s written in a book is true? How can you tell whether something is or isn’t? That’s why I believe that the most urgent requirement of every one of us, especially in these trying times, is learning how to use their own built-in lie-detector. Everybody has one. How about asking yours the following:

• When a book has sold millions of copies, do you take that as evidence that its author is telling you the truth? Even if they are sharing what, at that time, they think of as their personal truth, it may not be the ultimate truth – THE TRUTH. That’s what we are all on the earthly plane to seek and eventually find.
• Did you or do you still believe that every word of our world’s religious teachings is literally true?
• Do you believe that the troublemakers and scaremongers of our world are speaking the truth when they say there is a virus by the name of Corona that’s so powerful that it could wipe out the whole of humankind, unless the pharma industry’s products are accepted?
• What does your lie-detector say about each one of these points? Are you willing to blindly believe that what they are saying is true?

My built-in lie-detector reacts to the above mentioned points to tell me that none of them is based on the truth. They are probably leftovers from the Age of Pisces, the age when gullibility and blind faith, lying and cheating, corruption and deceiving ourselves and those around us, ruled supreme in our world. Fortunately, the Piscean age has been left behind for good and the Aquarian age, the age of truth, has been with us for quite some time by now. And the deeper we penetrate into this age, the more of us will have become sufficiently evolved to receive as well as understand the kind of truth that was never available to humankind before.

Every human earthly mind, without its owner being aware of it for a long time, has always been a receiver/transmitter station of the ideas that are constantly flowing from the Highest levels of life onto the earthly plane. Our minds are amazing instruments. Learning how to use them the right way is the task of every human being. In due course this will enable every one of us to bring their own version of God’s sacred wisdom and truth to the earthly plane, first to be used by ourselves and then shared with as many as possible of those around us. Doing this is the birthright of every one of us. And to receive what’s rightfully ours, all we have to do is tune our minds into the frequencies of God and the Angels. They are glad to help anyone who does this and asks for their assistance.

All our prayers are heard. It’s just that sometimes the answer, for wise higher reasons, has to be ‘No!’ Some kind of help will always arrive when we request it. Yet, it will come to us in God’s way and time, not ours. And miracles really do happen, but they can only come about when the energies are right. And that could be now, because Neptune, another one of the generation planets that move very slowly, has been in Pisces, the sign it co-rules with Jupiter, from February 3, 2012 and will transiting this sign until March 30, 2025. Retrograding planets affect us and our world more on the inner level than the outer. Neptune is the higher octave of the loving energies of Venus. Venus is represented in the zodiac in two very different ways. It is the planetary ruler of the fixed Earth sign Taurus, in which the good things of the Earth are enjoyed, as well as the cardinal Air sign Libra, the sign of the peacemaker of relationships, marriage and all kinds of partnerships.

Neptune spending such a lot of time in its own sign is helpful for our world’s present situation. In their own signs the planet’s positive characteristics are benefiting the development of our whole world. Human beings become more empathic and malleable, intuitive and dedicated to helping those around them to recover from the greatest hoax ever. Character traits soften and we are happy to humbly serve whenever an opportunity for it arises. The Air signs are dedicated to the development of humankind’s mental capacities and Aquarius is one of these signs, it’s good to observe that research in the workings of the human mind is progressing rapidly.

The best way of studying astrology, for me, has always been through looking back on how the planetary energies have affected my life and that of those around me. I never met anybody who worked with astrology the way I have always done. That’s probably because the time has come to develop new ways of using the Divine science. It can provide us with a better understanding of every human being’s long evolutionary pathway that takes all of us, time and again, through every sign and house of the zodiac. The birthchart of each new lifetime, in the right hands, can reveal a great deal about the new arrival’s predestined pathway. The same is true for us, our loved ones and everybody else. Astrology is also the finest tool known to me for gaining insights into the very processes of Creation, the beginnings of life in general and humankind’s existence within it. Might I be meant to act as pioneer and wayfinder that others may eventually wish to follow? Who knows?

For many years I have been studying the progressions of Sun and Moon. Time and again I am finding them to work with astonishing accuracy. Let me illustrate this with an example. My friend Angela was born into three degrees Aquarius. At the beginning of the year 2021 her progressed Sun had moved to six degrees Aries. When I asked her whether anything of importance had happened to her six years ago, she could not think of anything at first. However, as Aries is the point of new beginnings, when I pointed out that a whole new cycle of experiences must have started for her six years, without hesitation she replied: ‘Ah yes, my mother and somehow I started being the mother of my four brothers and elderly father.’

As far as the question about other Universes and multi Universes is concerned, the speculations of our sci-fi writers are by no means proof that these places really exist. However, every one of us in due course will have become sufficiently evolved to investigate such matters for themselves. Many good things are in store for all of us and our whole world, of that you can be sure.

The kind of knowledge that’s coming your way here, with the passing of time, is meant to provide ever more of you with the power of overcoming and leaving behind all your fears, especially the one of death and the unknown, once and for all. Through sharing this with as many as possible, every one of you can contribute to bringing peace to your world by establishing love and wisdom, honesty and truth as its supreme rulers.

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4 Mar, 2021
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